Centaur Spotlight: Aphidas

Helios on Aphidas– Have you ever gone out for a good time, and left feeling so attacked? Or worse- attacked others (such as say, accidentally pushing a stripper through a wall while you were trying to flirt with them)? Well, you may want to look at this week’s centaur to find out why…

The Astronomy– 121725 Aphidas is a centaur discovered on December 13, 1999. It has a period of 76 years, 205 days and an eccentricity of  0.459. It was named for one of the Centaurs killed at the wedding of Pirithous, King of the Lapiths. Aphidas was hit by a javelin thrown by the Lapith Phorbas while in a drunken sleep.

The Myth– Another victim of the wedding of Pirithous. Aphidas was almost as bad as Amycus, and was right there with him raping and pillaging, but maybe not as savagely. Phorbas killed him by throwing a javelin through his neck while he was in a drunken sleep. His name means “not sparing”.

What we have- “In that din, Aphidas lay with every vein relaxed in endless sleep, unwoken, undisturbed, sprawled on a shaggy bearskin from Mount Ossa, his wine-filled cup in his unconscious hand, out of the fight–in vain! Observing him lying apart there, Phorbas fingered firm his lance’s thong: ‘You’d better mix,’ he cried ‘your wine with Styx’s water!’ There and then he hurled his lance and through Aphidas’ neck, as he lay sprawled face-up, the iron-tipped ash drove deep. Death came unfelt. Over the couch–into the cup–blood gushed from his full throat.” [Ovid]

Why He Matters– Wow. Not a lot to go on at all here, even by my standards. We have wine, sleep, and death. Cool.

Well, Mark Andrew Holmes says “Aphidas signifies expressing individuality, acceptance/rejection issues, doing one’s own thing, loyalty to family and group, provocation or provocativeness, criminality”.
While I could see that (especially if we want to carry on the metaphor with Amycus as Vegeta to Aphidas as Nappa), there is a very real sense of this centaur being a sort of “second fiddle”. Like a beta figure, with an inferiority complex. Aphidas wants to be better, but never quite reaches his potential.

I would say that Aphidas represents more the consequences of one’s actions. While Aphidas did not participate in the greater Centauromachy, as he was passed out drunk, he still was drunk off the wine, after raping and killing. As his name suggests, he was “not spared”, even though he was asleep. While he was not innocent, he was slain while he was defenseless so this was not a clean or honorable kill- though I doubt Phorbas thought that he was even deserving of one. Phorbas took the opportunistic kill, and was cowardly, making himself just as much of a murderer as Aphidas- Though there are no innocents on the battlefield.

When it comes to a defining character flaw like the rest of the centaurs have, his influence becomes much, much easier to read. There are people who, when they drink, there is another side of them that rises to the surface- myself included. It brings out certain traits that they would not have or express while they are sober. Typically this involves blacking out. This is a telling mark of alcoholism, however the knowledge of this side can help to prevent someone from seeking solace at the bottom of the bottle, out of fear that this side will take over again- Because there is always at least a first time that this side comes out, and it is never pretty. It can lead you to do awful things when you are drunk, that you would never consider when you are sober. All those memes where you see people saying “I dont even know who ‘drunk me’ is…” well, ‘drunk me’ is Aphidas. It is you, but distorted.

I have no idea what he would represent in transit, but boy howdy I would NOT reccomend going on a rowdy binge while he is going over a sensitive point in the chart! Aphidas is new, and has very little to go on. We are going to need to do more research on him, but this is a start.

To find out where he shows up in your chart, go to astro.com, put in your birth details and in the extended options, all the way at the bottom of the next page, there will be a menu of additional objects. Under that is a blank space where you can enter the number 121725, for Aphidas. Once you have it entered, generate the chart! Where does Aphidas affect your life? Let us know in the comments below!

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