Pallas Athene in Gemini: The Right Words

Effective Dates: March 30th- May 21st, 2018

Helios on Pallas Athene in Gemini: Heretics, I have to say that sometimes the cosmos has shitty timing. This is going to be one of those times. I mean a Mercury Retrograde during Aries season, Chiron into Aries as Uranus moves out? And on top of that, we have to deal with Pallas….

So, what does the Goddess of Wisdom, Battle Strategy, and all Crafts aside from metallurgy want from us this time? Well, the short answer is that she wants to save your life- Or rather, she wants to help you as you are compelled, for some inane reason, to save everyone else around you. See, you are sitting there, on the sidelines, watching at least one other persons’ life implode in the most spectacular way. Something horrible is happening to them and you are powerless to directly intervene. Maybe its a loss, or family/relationship trouble, drug addiction, or new parenthood going very wrong- Something is taking someone you love away from you and you can only watch.

What do you do then? You are compelled to help, but there is no place for you; Through some factor, no fault of your own, you are not invited to the grief party. Your impotence here is eating you alive. You are compelled to be there for the people in your life because you care for them, but since you are not directly involved all you can do is wait to be called upon- And when you are called, you need to be ready. But how can you be when you don’t have all the facts?

Pallas will help you plan and plan, but the problem here is that plans fail us- You’re going to have to trust your gut and use the one weapon that Gemini abhors yet wields so skillfully: Emotions. Worst of all, they’re going to have to be your own. You see, the problem is that not being able to directly help those you care about is causing immense anxiety and tearing you up inside. You are not in a position to help right now, because you are just as much in need of saving. Yes, you have managed it before, but that was different: This time there are stakes. You have something to lose now that you are invested.

You have to wait. I know how hard it is, trust me I know. God do I know. While you are waiting, you need to get YOURSELF under control, first and foremost. All of you self-proclaimed “Lightworkers” out there, listen up and listen good; THE DARKWORKERS ARE RIGHT. You cannot save ANYONE without being in a position to help yourself first. Get your mind, your emotions under control- As we all know, the mind makes a fantastic servant but a terrible master. It’s time that you make it your bitch.

You have to be somewhat cold to make this work. Your biggest strength is your Achilles heel right now- your emotional investment. You need to work Pallas, and detach yourself, specifically from the results. You will not be able to make yourself stop feeling, but your feelings are causing undue pressure on the one you care for, the one you want to save. In short, you are making it worse. You have to stop inserting yourself into the situation, because at the end of the day it isn’t your story. The cold logic of Pallas Athene means that you can only save those who you aren’t invested in, but if you do not care, then why bother saving anyone?

Do what you have to, and keep your head. The ones you love need your protection, and you have a duty.

Save them. Whatever it takes.

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