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Helios on Marik– So there I was, lying in bed this morning, wondering what asteroid I was going to do. I had no idea what to do- Maybe Aphidas or Albion? Sphinx? Then I had a random thought- what if there was an asteroid for Marik? So I popped it into google, expecting absolutely nothing… and then I was rewarded with an obscure asteroid!

The Astronomy– Asteroid 28492 Marik was discovered on 2000-02-01, and was named after Miklós Marik (1936-1998) was a prominent educator and popularizer of astronomy in Hungary. It is a main belt asteroid and has an orbital period of 3.45 years.

The Myth– Okay so we’re veering a bit away from the source material here, and we’re going to bit a bit silly- Fair warning. In Yu-gi-oh, Marik Ishtar is the leader and founder of the Rare Hunters, younger brother of Ishizu Ishtar and heir to the Tomb Keepers. Marik was the main antagonist of Battle City arc, until the defeat of Odion when Marik’s alter ego, Yami Marik takes over his body and replaces him as the main antagonist.

Marik’s family guarded the tomb of the Pharaoh for generations and the responsibility was passed on to Marik and his sister Ishizu. Marik was forbidden to leave the Pharaoh’s tomb due to his father’s fear that the freedom and marvels of the outside world would further divert Marik’s attention from his heritage. Marik no longer wanted to become a Tombkeeper, so his adoptive brother Odion asked if he could take Marik’s place but Marik’s father rejected the thought. When Marik was forced to take the initiation ritual to become a full Tombkeeper, Marik spawned his second personality Yami Marik from the pain he endured at his family’s hands. A year later, Marik and Ishizu took a forbidden trip to the surface, but their father found out and attempted to kill Odion for not stopping Marik and Ishizu. In the midst of his father’s torturing Odion, Marik blanked out and his second personality Yami Marik emerged for the first time. Yami Marik then proceeded to kill his father.

During Battle City, Marik and his Rare Hunters hacked into Battle City’s computer system and entered themselves in the tournament. He then antagonized the pharaoh by proxy through his mind-slaves and hostages. In the finals of Battle City, Odion was knocked unconscious and this brought out Yami Marik, who took control of Marik’s body. Marik tried to call out to Ishizu but his dark personality trapped Marik in a “prison” built out of his own fear and pity and was also trapped in the body of another character. Through the mind of that character, Marik listened to Ishizu’s story of how he became evil and created his darker side, thus beginning to reform himself. After the quarter-finals, his reformed soul confronted his other self, claiming that he would make up for everything he had done and apologizing to his father, before a Duel with him.

In the final Duel between Yami Marik and the Pharaoh, their weaker selves were the victims of the Shadow Game being played. As the Duel went on, Yami Marik became the dominant host of Marik’s body while the real Marik’s soul slowly faded out of existence. As Marik realizes his mistakes of making people suffer, he speaks out through Téa, begging the Pharaoh for his forgiveness and asks him to defeat Yami Marik. While they Dueled, Odion woke up and made Marik realize he had to accept his responsibility for being a Tombkeeper. With this confidence, Marik overpowered his evil self and made him the victim of the Shadow Game, and then forfeited, destroying Yami Marik. Fulfilling his duty as a Tombkeeper, Marik returned to Egypt to start a new life with his sister and Odion.

Why He Matters– Y’all have no idea how much I just summarized that story. Damn anime and its padding… Anyway, why did I bother doing this post about an insane villain from a crappy anime about card games? Well, for one thing, I needed a break from all the serious, deep psychoanalysis of the ancient gods and heroes; and more than that, I just love Marik’s combination of camp naivete and psychotic sadism. But is there a deeper story here? Can we use him in the chart?

Damn right we can- Marik’s story is one about having a heritage hanging around your neck like a noose, weighing you down and choking your potential. Marik rebelled against that, but it cost him his family. Of course, this is the same family that tortured him and used him as little more than a vehicle for their own desires. Remember, he may be evil but he was literally tortured at his father’s hands after his mother died and raised underground, only knowing his family. So he can be used as a marker for an overbearing family that manipulates and controls you, dismissing your wants and desires for the responsibilities that they place on you.

Marik is a Uranian figure, rebelling to gain his independence; but has strong Plutonic undertones, as he is willing to do anything to do it- including patricide. Marik also represents a cautionary tale, as once you remove the connections that you think hold you back, you are left adrift- and quite often all you have to cling to then is the darkness inside you and no one to hold you back anymore. You might also use this as a marker for split personality syndrome, but I would be hesitant to go that far- I would give that more to a centaur or bigger asteroid. Though I would be happy to give this one a marker for villainy and sadism. With Marik, the drive is more to balance the needs of your family and the mantle of your ancestors with your own ambitions and desires- a tall order to be sure!

To find out where he shows up in your chart, go to astro.com, put in your birth details and in the extended options, all the way at the bottom of the next page, there will be a menu of additional objects. Under that is a blank space where you can enter the number 28492, for Marik. Once you have it entered, generate the chart! Where does Marik affect your life? Let us know in the comments below!

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