Chiron in Aries: The Fool

“No More” – Doctor Who, The Day of the Doctor

Effective dates: April 17, 2018- June 18, 2026 (Retrograde ingress into Pisces September 25, 2018- Feb 18, 2019)

Helios on Chiron FINALLY moving into Aries– THANK THE FATHERFUCKING GODS, IT IS FINALLY TIME TO WRITE THIS ARTICLE! At long, long, long last- Chiron, Sadomasochistic teacher of heroes and professional torture master is moving out of the victimized sign of Pisces, and into the proactive sign of Aries. We have been waiting for this for SO LONG, and it is finally time. You know what I mean when I say it- it gives you goosebumps when you read it, because this is something you already know; I’m just here to confirm it for you.

It feels like a lifetime ago, but cast your mind back to 2010, when Chiron changed signs last. Who were you? Do you even recognize yourself? What did you hold important then, what was your mission? Back then, I was… the worst version of myself I could imagine. I was using Astrology as just another tool to manipulate and control those around me, was addicted to painkillers and trying to drown out the turmoil in my heart from suffering too many losses. I was violent, and so angry at everyone; I was self-destructive and numb. I wanted to burn this world down and I wanted to be the first to go, the spark that lit the flame. But who am I now? After Chiron’s vision quest in Pisces, I am still a deeply flawed individual, but I’m working on my acceptance of that. I have done a lot of self-work, and that is in no small part down to all of you who have stuck with me since I first started Astrogeek’s Skywatch, and then onto Shameless Astro and Darkworkers. My way of getting through these transits has been to help all of you through them; the Cardinal Crisis and the Mutable Meltdown… all the way to the current New Order. I consider myself accountable to all of you, and it is my job to entertain, inform, and help all of you through these days as best I can. Chiron in Pisces gave me a sense of purpose in all of you, my Heretical family. Who have you become, at the end of Chiron’s ride? Do you even know?

So what can we expect with his transition to Aries? Make no mistake, this is BIG. Like, world-shaking big. The biggest theme I can tell you right now is that IT IS TIME TO PICK YOUR GODDAMN SELF UP AND QUIT FEELING SORRY FOR YOURSELF. There is NO MORE TIME to sit in the corner crying and whining. GET UP AND GET TO WORK– You have people who are counting on you. In Pisces, Chiron had us dive deep into our issues and really do the good clearing out so that we could heal- consider it Cosmic Rehab. Well, in Aries it’s time to check out and get back into the world. I know you don’t feel like it right now, but YOU ARE HEALED, right now in this moment. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are ready, but you need to be ready to try.

Visualization exercise: Picture yourself healed, happy, and living the best life you can, imagine it as detailed as possible. Got it in your head? Good, now make that a reality. Act as though you are ready to live free and happy, and then GO DO IT. This is not going to be a time to reflect, we’ve been doing that, and it went into the place of self-flagellation for things we had no control over. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to forgive yourself for the mistakes that you have made in the past and then MOVE ON, leaving them in the past once and for all. If you don’t accept that mission you’re still going to have to do it, so you might want to get with the program.

Now, that isn’t all that this transit is going to do; I turn my attention to you, my millennial brothers and sisters. Guys- It’s our time. When we were kids, we were told that we were special, that we were Indigo, Crystal, Sun kids or whatever- That we were meant to change this world and make it better. We were supposed to make it better for everyone. Well, we’re not kids anymore, and we allowed ourselves to be told how the world works by the older generations. They told us that we were special, but we believed them when they said that they knew better than us. Well, they might have been full of shit when they fed us those lines so long ago, but I say its high time we live up to our own hype. We have been anxiety-ridden, lost, and waiting for our turn for long enough. It’s time that we get out of our own heads and get up to save this goddamn world because no one else will. For most of us this transit will be a watershed moment, as it squares our natal placement to force us out of our comfort zone, spurring us into action. This is where we grow up, and this is where our story really starts. We can take the future and make it our own, but it will not be given to us. We have to step up and shape it ourselves. We will face heavy resistance, but it’s time that we stop doubting ourselves and instead take our responsibility seriously. In short- it’s our time.

No matter what generation you fall under, this transit is going to challenge you to be brave, and to stop doubting yourself. You need to realize the only limitations on your potential are the ones that you place on yourself. The whole point of the New Order is that our future is finally solidifying, and the limitless possibilities that the Cardinal Crisis allowed are becoming real. Your future is YOURS to shape, get to work and make it your own.

Boldly go, Heretics.

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