Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn: Heavy Hangs the Head

We survived. You and I. And those who survive have a duty. Our duty is to do our best to keep on living. Even if our lives are not perfect.” –Haruki Murakami

Effective Dates: April 18th- September 7th, 2018

Helios on Saturn Retrograde
– Yes, I know that’s not the real quote from Henry IV, but you try fitting the whole thing into a title! Shakespeare was a wordy bastard, let me tell you… But this article isn’t about good ol’ Billy, no, today we’re covering everyone’s least favorite planet to deal with (but hands down-favorite to look at from afar)- Saturn!

Daddy Saturn is incredibly comfortable back in his home sign of Capricorn and is settling back in nicely- So nicely in fact, that he’s going to take a bit of a vacation, going Retrograde to… reflect. You see, its been a long and hard road for him to get to where he is now, and this is both a satisfying victory and a bittersweet reverie for him. You see, the one thing that Saturn understands more than any other planet is the concept of duty. It’s something we typically avoid talking about in the modern age, as it is more our style to see what we can get away with rather than taking responsibility for our lives. We would rather get out of work, relationships, commitments… anything that is inconvenient or challenging. Rather than address this, we glorify laziness and flaking on our lives. So we have Saturn, coming in on cleanup duty- trying to sweep up the mess of our lives.

Saturn is a fixer. He will do whatever needs to be done, if it serves a greater purpose and advances his goals- and that is where the problem comes from. You see, Saturn cares; As the favorite son of Gaia, Saturn was the only one willing to listen when she wanted to betray and overthrow her husband, Ouranos. While all the others laughed their mother off, Saturn stopped and listened, heard her out- he was convinced to be her weapon and achieve her dreams, and after usurping the dreaded Ophion he was able to carve out his place as the leader of the Titans by carving off his own father’s genitals. After that, he was convinced that his sons would take vengeance and overthrow him, just like he did to his father, and he ate his children to keep that from happening- until his wife betrayed him and raised their son to overthrow him, continuing the cycle. Saturn ends up either dead, sleeping eternally in the cave of Nyx, or ruling over the Isles of the Blessed in Hades. Maybe all three are true, and he is dreaming he is ruling happily in Hades, while effectively dead. Hard to say, really.

Saturn gets a lot of shit because he is hard; He challenges and takes. You must give Saturn his due, and you get seemingly little in return. Saturn is cold and is unmoved by pleas of emotion, unlike the so-called “benefics”- But there is a reason for this. Saturn is cold because he has lost before, and he has been betrayed. Saturn cannot afford to make exceptions because that is a challenge to his power- it leaves him open to getting hurt again, and that is unacceptable. Saturn clings to rules, duty, and order because that is all he has left. Love and family mean nothing to him; He castrated his father (at the behest of his mother, a family pitted against itself), his sister-wife betrayed him and his son overthrew him. Saturn is ostensibly a monster, but it is my fervent belief he is one who was created, and he has no reason to trust anyone- All he cares about is results. How many times have you put your faith in someone only to have it rewarded with betrayal, or worse- indifference? How many of you come from families where one or more could not be trusted or used you as a weapon? How many have been manipulated by those you were supposed to be able to rely on?

Everything Saturn is now, is the product of his fear- That fear grips him and locks him in a prison of his making. He cannot trust, and neither can you- or so you think. During this Retrograde, you are going to be challenged to rewrite Saturn’s story for yourself. It’s easy to lock yourself away and hide from the world just because a couple bad eggs have done you wrong. Forgive yourself for trusting the wrong people, first and foremost- and then forgive them. Then, most crucially- move on. Get back out there and engage with the world again. Go out and foster the relationships that you have let slide. Call up anyone who you care about, check in with them, and make it a point to rebuild the bridges you have let fall into disrepair. Your duty is now about them, because it is way too easy to languish in self-pity and despair when your duty is only about yourself. Find a reason to care about people again, and be brave enough to trust them by letting them into your life as well- Sharing and being vulnerable. Be brave in your authentic insecurity- hiding behind a pretty facade is the act of a coward.

Saturn wants you to use him as a cautionary tale, and not to end up like he is. Saturn cares deeply, but fears rejection and so he withholds his gifts for those rare few who are willing to put in the work and show him that they are worth his time. Respect him instead of fearing him-This is one of those rare times where his walls are cracking a bit, and he is willing to share. If you trust him not to lead you astray, he will try his best. You give him the direction, and he will take you wherever you need to go- But no one ever said you had to go alone.

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