Mars in Aquarius: Super Giga Mecha Fighting Heroes!!

“Life is to be lived, not controlled; and humanity is won by continuing to play in face of certain defeat.”Ralph Ellison

Effective Dates: May 16th- November 15th, 2018 (Retrograde June 26th – August 27th, 2018)

Helios on Mars in Aquarius
– *cracks knuckles* Okay Heretics, there’s no hiding this one, you see it in the dates- We have a Mars Retrograde incoming. I know, I know- you’re just getting used to the idea of Uranus in Taurus, and we have Saturn Retrograde and Chiron in Aries, and you’re just really tired okay? Like… you need a three-year nap, nothing huge just a quick kip. I get it. But the thing is, this transit is exactly what we need, exactly on schedule.

Mars, King of the Battlefield, God of Conflict, Heroism and the Sacred Masculine, has moved into Aquarius, where he will be staying for some time. Now this means that you should expect way more debates on the social media of your choice, and expect them to be even more vitriolic than usual. You see, Aquarius is the sign of morality, and how you define what is right and wrong in your own life. Its a greater worldview than you find in Virgo, because Aquarius can entertain the idea of evil and try to understand it, without necessarily accepting it- but not outright rejecting it like Virgo does. Mars moving here will make everyone want to not only defend their own worldview, but since Aquarius is an incredibly vocal air sign, will try to bring everyone around to their way of thinking- whatever it takes.

Now, I know you see that and it only exhausts you further, but remember- we all think we are the heroes of our story, and of the world. We have to. This will only increase with Mars in Aquarius. Hell, this placement is the epitome of the Sentai trope (Power Rangers, the Ginyu Force, Ninja Turtles) and there will probably end up being epic ideological standoffs that can only be resolved in an equally epic dance battle, complete with posing and ridiculous costumes. When that retrograde hits though? That’s when we all start examining our roles and compare them to our actions to see if they still line up with our ideals. Can you truly still call yourself a Hero? Has the world finally hardened that heart of yours to make you a callous villain? Either way- what’s next?

The reason I keep bringing up your ennui and malaise at the state of this world is because this retrograde is the cure. School shootings; a fat, sentient Cheeto in power bringing corruption and literal nazis in his wake; looming economic collapse and widening inequality; The inescapable knowledge that this world is burning around us and we’re doing nothing to stop it… All of these and more, and it’s no wonder that you are wondering if there is any point to continuing to live, fight, and try to fix things here. It’s enough to exhaust any Hero. So this is where you take a break from fighting and striving, and truly bring yourself back to your reason for stepping up and fighting injustice. I’m giving you full permission to take a break during this retrograde. Get yourself together, recover and get ready to get in a new super suit for next season’s arc, because I guarantee there will be a bigger bad to step up to.

Will you be ready?

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  • V Rooijakkers says:

    Yes. Mars gives energy in the sign of Aquarius. To do what is right. Or to do what is right, in the ‘wrong’ way. Or to reject the ‘wrong’ fiercly. Before it will destroy or contaminate the house. Just one remark: not all Virgo’s, ‘don’t understand’ evil. But some of them understand it so well, that it needs no further exploration and it is therefore rejected immediatly. It is like a coat of arms: if well coated, you will not be touched. So: most Virgos just cannot be touched by ‘it’. This insight saves energy, therefore: life 🙂

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