Centaur Spotlight: Elatus

Helios on Elatus– No one can be outgoing and social all the time, and we all need a little peace and quiet now and then, but what happens when you can barely manage ordering a coffee at Starbucks and go out of your way to limit your interactions because of a crippling fear that you will do something wrong or embarrass yourself? Well, this week’s centaur knows all about it! Let’s take a look, shall we?

The Astronomy– 31824 Elatus is a dark centaur from the outer Solar System, approximately 48 kilometers in diameter. It was discovered on 29 October 1999 in Arizona. Elatus orbits the Sun at a distance of 7.3–16.3 AU once every 40 years and 7 months (14,826 days). Its orbit has an eccentricity of 0.38 and an inclination of 5° with respect to the ecliptic. Lightcurve analysis gave a longer-than-average rotation period of 26.5 and 26.82 hours with a concurring brightness variation of 0.10 magnitude (U=2/2)

According to observations by ESA’s Herschel Space Observatory with its PACS instrument and the survey carried out by the NEOWISE mission of NASA’s Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer Elatus measures 49.8 and 57.000 kilometers in diameter and its surface has an albedo of 0.049 and 0.050, respectively. The Collaborative Asteroid Lightcurve Link assumes a standard albedo for carbonaceous minor planets of 0.057 and derives a diameter of 45.87 kilometers based on an absolute magnitude of 10.42

The Myth– This minor planet was named after Elatus, a centaur from Greek mythology, who was killed during a battle with Heracles by a poisoned arrow that passed through his arm and continued to wound Chiron in the knee. The name “Elatus” means means “fir man” and is associated with woodlands- which may be because he was so strong, he would uproot whole fir trees to use as weapons against his enemies. But the Latin word elatus can also be interpreted “puff-up, proud of oneself, arrogant.”

Why He Matters– Okay, so this guy doesn’t have a whole lot to go on, besides fir trees? So every guy in Denver and Seattle with a beanie and a tree tattoo on their forearm has a patron saint here, I suppose (seriously, they are everywhere out west!). Aside from that, what else could he mean?

Well, from this specific myth, there is a process of deflection, or dodging- Elatus managed to take a clean shot through-and-through that ended up wounding Chiron and causing his endless whinging about it until Jupiter took away his immortality just to shut Chiron up. This can apply to strong Elatus contacts as well, dodging one’s own emotional issues and projecting them onto others instead- and you bet that applies to gaslighting as well! Elatus may be strong, but he can’t take responsibility for his own actions or shortcomings, preferring to dodge them and pretend that they don’t exist. Any perceived flaw is a misinterpretation on everyone else’s part, not Elatus’, oh no.

Keeping with the track that the centaurs all represent a fatal flaw or mental illness, where do we go with Elatus? Willful self-ignorance doesn’t exactly count, as much as you all might want it to! No, after looking through the charts, it appears that Elatus is pronounced in charts for those who suffer depression, but most notably paired with avoidant personality disorder– This syndrome is recently named, but has been studied under other names for years. Some common signs of avoidant personality disorder include:

  • Easily hurt by criticism or disapproval
  • No close friends
  • Reluctance to become involved with people
  • Avoidance of activities or occupations that involve contact with others
  • Shyness in social situations out of fear of doing something wrong
  • Exaggeration of potential difficulties
  • Showing excessive restraint in intimate relationships
  • Feeling socially inept, inferior, or unappealing to other people
  • Unwilling to take risks or try new things because they may prove embarrassing

Elatus seems to be very active in the charts of those who have this, and especially a contact to Mercury, Uranus or the Moon. In transit, he would represent a time where you suddenly break away from those close to you, withdrawing into an insular existence. You may not even realize it until you are in the middle of an episode. It is a pronounced fear that Elatus has and bestows, an anxiety that overwhelms and drives you out of the drivers seat of your own life. Be careful with this one.

Obviously this is a serious mental illness (and spirituality should NEVER be a substitute for seeking actual medical help- EVER) but it does seem to have a common thread running through it- fear, but specifically a fear that leads you to walk on eggshells around yourself and your own behavior. Like Chiron, this could stem from an early childhood wound, one where you made a fool out of yourself and were either publicly shamed for it or it got you beat- either way, this led to an internalization of your behavior being wrong and god help you if you are anything less than perfect. You also see this in abusive relationships. However, this leads to a situation where you take yourself way too seriously and are unable to grow or change- Mistakes are a part of life, and we all make them. Lord knows I do. You have to be able to step back and realize not only is everyone else ridiculous and flawed, but you are too. We’re all messes, and it’s not the end of the world if you make a mistake. You have to be able to step back and learn to laugh at yourself, and forgive yourself. That is how you work with and heal Elatus.

To find out where he shows up in your chart, go to astro.com, put in your birth details and in the extended options, all the way at the bottom of the next page, there will be a menu of additional objects. Under that is a blank space where you can enter the number 31824, for Elatus. Once you have it entered, generate the chart! Where does Elatus affect your life? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Twisty says:

    I knew as soon as I read this article that I would have to have Elatus prominent…
    Its conjunct my moon less than 1 deg.
    argh. It explains me exact.

  • […] Elatus is at the same degree as Mars is, with only a few arc minutes between them.  Elatus is an object belonging to the group of Centaurs.  He orbits between Saturn and Uranus, much like Chiron, and their mythological source is the same; the arrow that wounded Chiron so famously first passed through Elatus’s arm and he succumbs to the poison.   Symbolically, the arrow passing through his body can be seen as a kind of acceptance; the weapon did its work and is gone.  Fate (fatality) is a done deal.  The arrow lands in Chiron and he spends hundreds of years on his healing path.  Being mortal, Elatus has no choice but to accept his fate.  This pair shows us the difference between holding on and letting go. […]

  • Joyce Weaver says:

    My Elatus 0’10” Aquarius conjunct Mercury 29’40” Capricorn….First House. My husband has Elatus conjunct his Jupiter 7th House side of 1 degree conjunct his DC….his Elatus/Jupiter is conjunct my Sun. He was wounded in Viet Nam…his left arm was almost blown off… We, very happily, hardly go anywhere. Avoidance personality disorder is a new one for me…but it fits. I’ve had lots of counseling and readings and spiritual evolvement is my primary focus. Just have to say WOW. Elatus is new to me today.

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