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Helios on Anteros– I’m feeling bold and have love on the brain (a new Fuckstrology is incoming!), so let’s tackle the most important yet least-talked about love asteroid there is- Anteros!

The Astronomy– 1943 Anteros is a spheroidal, rare-type asteroid and near-Earth object of the Amor group, approximately 2 kilometers in diameter. It was discovered on 13 March 1973 at the Leoncito Astronomical Complex in Argentina, and named for the Greek god Anteros. Anteros is an Amor asteroid, which approaches the orbit of Earth from beyond but does not cross it. It orbits the Sun at a distance of 1.1–1.8 AU once every 1 year and 9 months (625 days). Its orbit has an eccentricity of 0.26 and an inclination of 9° with respect to the ecliptic. The near-Earth object has an Earth minimum orbit intersection distance of 0.0630 AU (9,420,000 km) or 24.5 lunar distances, which is slightly above the defined limit of 0.05 AU for potentially hazardous objects.In the Tholen classification, Anteros is a common S-type asteroid, while in the SMASS taxonomy, it is a relatively rare L-type asteroid, described as a reddish but otherwise featureless stony asteroid. It has also been characterized as a Sq subtype, which transitions to the Q-type asteroids. One of the best-rated and most recent lightcurves was obtained in December 2013 and gave a rotation period of 2.867 hours with a brightness variation of 0.1 magnitude, which indicates that Anteros has a nearly spheroidal shape. According to the EXPLORENEOs survey carried out by the Spitzer Space Telescope, Anteros measures between 2.38 and 2.43 kilometers in diameter, and its surface has an albedo of 0.138 to 0.170. The Collaborative Asteroid Lightcurve Link assumes an albedo of 0.18 and derives a diameter of 2.0 kilometers with an absolute magnitude of 15.89.

The Myth– In Greek mythology, Anteros was the god of requited love, literally “love returned” or “counter-love” and also the punisher of those who scorn love and the advances of others, or the avenger of unrequited love. Anteros was the son of Ares and Aphrodite, given as a playmate to his brother Eros, who was lonely – the rationale being that love must be answered if it is to prosper. Alternatively, he was said to have arisen from the mutual love between Poseidon and Nerites. Physically, he is depicted as similar to Eros in every way, but with long hair and plumed butterfly wings. He has been described also as armed with either a golden club or arrows of lead. Anteros, with Eros, was one of a host of winged love gods called Erotes, the ever-youthful winged gods of love, usually depicted as winged boys in the company of Aphrodite or her attendant goddesses.

An altar to this god was put up by the metics in Athens in commemoration of the spurned love of the metic Timagoras who was rejected by the Athenian Meles. Upon hearing Timagoras’ declaration of love for him, the young man mockingly ordered him to throw himself down from the top of a tall rock. Seeing Timagoras dead, Meles repented and threw himself down from the same rock.

Describing the nature of the emotion, Plato asserts that it is the result of the great love for another person. The lover, inspired by beauty, is filled with divine love and “filling the soul of the loved one with love in return.” As a result, the loved one falls in love with the lover, though the love is only spoken of as friendship. They experience pain when the two are apart, and relief when they are together, the mirror image of the lover’s feelings, is Anteros, or “counter-love.”

Why He Matters– Eros is Passion, which can fizzle out and cause problems in a vacuum; Psyche is Relationships, but those don’t always manifest due to circumstances or if they do they can grow stale and passion can die within them, while Juno is Marriage which could be for the wrong reasons, plus, you know… divorce and all; Venus is Romance in its purest form, but not always love, and the Moon is love without necessarily having romance; Mars is, well… Mars- But Anteros is where Love is answered with Love.

It’s such a simple thing, isn’t it? When we get it right, and we find a heart that calls out to us and we answer back, two voices singing the same song without ever learning the words. It’s pure, it’s beautiful, and when we feel it nothing else compares. Sometimes, however, we only know this feeling by its absence- When we put ourselves out there and it comes out that the other person doesn’t feel the same, or we misread the signals. Unrequited love is a bitch, but with 7.6 Billion people out there, it is completely understandable that we may not ever find the heart that matches our call. Love is a roll of the dice, a chance that you will be able to meet the right person, at the right time (for both of you) and you will be both attracted to each other and available. Even then, it’s not necessarily a guarantee that it works out!

Yet still, we find some of us that can make it work! Why? How? Well, Anteros is the helper of the lovers who choose each other, and most of you who obsess over “Twin Flames” are really experiencing Anteros connections**. Anteros is hugely important in synastry and in transit, but in the natal is a point of great impact when something transits it- But it typically affects your partner, not necessarily you (though it can bring in partners on occasion!). This is especially true when Eros or one of the other relationship planets I mentioned earlier is in the game as well.

To find out where he shows up in your chart, go to astro.com, put in your birth details and in the extended options, all the way at the bottom of the next page, there will be a menu of additional objects. Under that is a blank space where you can enter the number 1943, for Anteros. Once you have it entered, generate the chart! Where does Anteros affect your life? Let us know in the comments below!

**Twin flames are typically very different than they have been portrayed in the same lightworker propaganda bullshit that went on about Indigo children back in the day, and you typically repel each other and fight all the time. Twin flames are more likely to be nemesis than to ever be a romance- But I’ll save that for Cyllarus and Hylonome!

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