Neptune Retrograde: Sermon of Sadness

He did not care if she was heartless, vicious and vulgar, stupid and grasping, he loved her. He would rather have misery with one than happiness with the other.” ― W. Somerset Maugham

Effective Dates: June 19th – November 25th, 2018 (in Shadow until March 17th, 2019)

Helios’ Astrological Angle on Neptune Retrograde– Yep, it’s not over yet y’all! Fair warning- this is going to suck. Neptune, Lord of the Seas, God of horses and earthquakes has decided that he is going on a bender and that its time to undo all the progress you have made recently. While all of the outer planets are heavily noticeable in transit, I would say that Neptune is even more noticeable than say, Pluto or Saturn. No, not at first, but you realize it quickly- it feels like a lack, a dull ache in your heart where you were once happy. Neptune is sneaky like that, he creeps in and seeps into the cracks. He is insidious. In fact, Neptune Retrograde feels more like a hangover than a binge, which means we are in trouble due to the fact that I don’t know a damn one of us who is more than an inch from a catastrophic depressive meltdown. So this should be fun! (in before I get comments from deluded Lightworker love and light types saying “Durrr, I don’t know about all that Helios, I’m riding a endless wave of cosmic bliss and I still subscribe to Spirit Science”. They come out every Neptune article, its gross)

So, what does this mean for you? Well, first find the house in your chart where there is Pisces, and expect disappointment in that area of your life. What I mean by disappointment is that for this transit, expect to finally figure out that you have been tricked, or lied to. You do not matter as much as you thought you did to others, or people you thought you could trust were plotting behind your back. This will crush you- let it. Take the opportunity to really see your situation for what it is, and face the truth even if it rips your heart into a million pieces. They say the depressed are the most engaged with reality and see it far more clearly, and your rose-colored glasses are about to be ripped off.

Speaking of, if you have depression, anxiety, or other mental illness expect that to get cranked up worse- and you will need to shoulder this burden alone right now. Your sense of isolation will increase, as will your need to escape from your tumultuous emotions. I won’t tell you not to resort to what you need in order to cope with the pain, but I will urge you to be careful. Neptune Retrograde increases the likelihood of overdoses and drunken accidents. Try to find healthy ways to deal, but I am the last person to preach on that (Helios loves his liquor, and frequently gets in trouble for it- not to mention my past addiction to painkillers. I am not a role model)

You may feel the need to hide yourself away to keep the mess that is your life contained, but I ask you- Do you really think being alone with just yourself and your dark thoughts is the right plan right now? Has that ever worked? What you need to do is pull off some Virgo magic- Overclock the house opposite your Pisces house, and engage with reality more than you have been (because I’ll bet you’ve been neglecting that aspect of your life lately!) and give yourself something to do. That’s right Virgos (and people with strong Virgo placements)- this is your moment. Show us how its done. Be humble. Help where you can. Get your hands dirty. Be in this world, AND of it. Don’t try to escape, engage instead. Be the person who you wished would have helped you for someone else. Most of all, try to be kind and forgive those who are wrapped up in their own drama, even if they hurt you.

This brings me to my last point: the problem with those you love. This is about to be one of those times where your loved ones will be going through turmoil within (just like you!) and you may find those close to you do not know how to process their emotions or work through their fears right now. This happens to all of us. They may, however, lash out at you, or do something that slights you. This will probably something that is big to you but not to them, and with Mars Retrograde your gut instinct will be to coldly slash their throat there and then. If you want a future with that person in your life, you must find a way to explain your feelings and making them see that your needs are valid, without letting it become a punch-out. A big theme will be perceived lack of respect, and secrets. No matter how much you love someone, never let them be the reason that you cry yourself to sleep at night- and don’t be afraid to walk away, no matter who they are. Don’t cling to any ideal of a future with someone, expecting them to change after they reveal their true colors. This Retrograde is going to show you the truth, but it’s up to you to decide what to do with it.

Go with God, my Heretical family. We’re going to need all the help we can get on this one.

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