Centaur Spotlight: Okyrhoe

Helios on Okyrhoe– As we peer into the abyss to try and glean the future, we have to wonder who or what is watching us, and what they will do if we start to act on the information. Then again, what else can we do but act when we get insight into whats coming? Well, this centaur might be able to help us answer those questions!

The Astronomy– 52872 Okyrhoe is a centaur orbiting in the outer Solar System between Jupiter and Saturn. It was discovered on 19 September 1998 in Arizona and named after Ocyrhoe from Greek mythology. It has an orbital period of 24 years, 157 days, shorter than any other Centaur.

The Myth– Ocyrhoe was a daughter of Chiron and Chariclo. Ocyrhoe was transformed into a horse because she told her father Chiron his exact fate. She revealed that he would forsake his immortality to be spared the agonizing pain of a serpent’s poison. For this transgression, Ocyrhoe’s ability to speak was taken. One might assume that she turned into a horse because her father was a centaur and because she had long, auburn hair.  She was later placed amongst the stars as the constellation Pegasus.

Since mythic text on her is super scarce, ill fill this up with what we do have, straight from Ovid “One day Chiron’s daughter came, her auburn hair falling upon her shoulders, whom the Nympha Chariclo once had borne upon the bank beside a flowing river, and had named Ocyroe. The girl was not content to know her father’s art: she prophesied fate’s dark secrets. In the mystic mood of prophecy, when hidden in her heart the heavenly fervor glowed, she fixed her eyes upon the child [i.e. Asklepios (Asclepius), who was then in the care of Kheiron]. ‘Grow strong, dear boy,’ she said ‘Healer of the world. Often men shall owe health and life, and yours shall be the right to win again departed souls, and, though you dare this once in heaven’s despite, Jove’s [Zeus’] bolt will thwart that gift a second time. You, now divine, shall be a lifeless corpse, and from a corpse become divine again, and twice you shall renew your destiny [i.e. he was deified following his death through the intercession of Apollon]. You too, dear father, you, immortal now and destined by your birthright to live on through all eternity, will long to die when you are tortured by the serpent’s blood [poisoned by an arrow coated with Hydra’s blood], that agonizing poison in your wounds; and, saved from immortality, the gods shall put you in death’s power, and the three goddesses shall unloose your threads of fate.’

More prophecies remained, but then she sighed, sighed deeply, and as tears rolled down her cheeks she cried, ‘Fate forestalls me! I’m forbidden to tell you more. My power of speech is stopped. My arts–oh! never worth so much!–have brought Heaven’s wrath upon me. Would I’d never known the future! Surely now my human shape is stolen away; the food I like is grass; I feel the urge to frisk in open fields. I’m changing to a mare–a family shape–but why the whole of me? When plainly half my father’s human?’

As she spoke, her last protests were almost meaningless, her words were all confused, sounds that seemed neither words nor whinnies, more like mimicking a mare. Soon she was whinnying clearly, and her arms walked on the grass, and then her fingers joined, and their five nails were bound in a light hoof of undivided horn; her mouth and neck increased in size; her trailing dress became a tail; the hair that wandered on her neck fell as a mane down on the right-hand side; and so her voice and shape alike were new, and that weird change gave her a new name too. Philyreius, the centaur half-divine, invoked, weeping, the lord of Delphi, but in vain. Apollo had no power to countermand great Jove’s decrees and, had he had the power, he was not there.”

Why She Matters– Okay so I know what you are all going to think on this one. “This is one of those indicators of psychic power/divination/skill with astrology”. NO. Well, maybe, but cmon- let’s go a bit deeper shall we? We all remember what happens when we judge an asteroid too quickly.

Now we have here a smart girl, wicked smart- and I’m willing to bet she was daddy’s favorite, even though her antics infuriate him. She was curious about the world and wanted to know more about it. She discovers a gift for prophecy, or hones it through her father’s methods- and then shows him up at his own game in front of his student. Now, she gets away with this once, (and boy howdy are we going to talk about Asclepius) but then is silenced by the Men Who Know Better. She is punished for knowing too much and wanting to elevate herself, becoming a Kassandra or Askalaphus type figure.

For that reason, I am going to link her to feminine empowerment and equality, rather than prophecy. We live in a world where men feel the need to secure their self-value by asserting that they know better because they are men and the man is always in charge. This has recently been termed Mansplaining. Yes, I am a man and I am mansplaining mansplaining right now, to my mostly female audience- the irony is palpable. Man-ception. It doesn’t matter how much knowledge a woman might have in a field, where the man might only have an armchair understanding of a topic- he will still endeavor to explain to the woman that he knows more and his view on the world is the right one. Obviously, this is a symptom of small penis syndrome, where intelligence is equated to power and power is equated to penis size. Again, I know that all women already know and have experienced this at some point and are sick of it.

You can look to Okyrhoe to see a place in your life that you will have to struggle for recognition and to be taken seriously with the “Old boys club”. And men, this does include you too- see, at some point we all try to break into that club, and they don’t usually like new blood trying to edge in on their territory. You’ll run into opposition. Look to Okyrhoe for more on what that opposition will look like. I know a lot of women with prominent Okyrhoes in their tenth house, making it difficult for them to be taken seriously in their field. Okyrhoe knows that this world is unfair, and while she wants to change it, all too often she just gets shut down and shoved aside and forced to live with it.

I suppose there could also be a connection to the NSA with this centaur, as they monitor data and control information, specifically whistleblowers like Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden. Same for facebook algorithms creating our bubble of perception… but id have to do more research on that.

To find out where she shows up in your chart, go to astro.com, put in your birth details and in the extended options, all the way at the bottom of the next page, there will be a menu of additional objects. Under that is a blank space where you can enter the number 52872, for Okyrhoe. Once you have it entered, generate the chart! Where does Okyrhoe affect your life? Let us know in the comments below!