Solar Eclipse in Cancer: Enter the Void

“Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.”Lyndon B. Johnson

Effective Date: July 12th, 2018

Helios on the Solar Eclipse in Cancer– Here we go Heretics, this is the main event- are you ready? This eclipse aims to destroy you. Wherever you have Cancer in your chart, expect your world to fall apart. The thing is, this is something you were almost perversely waiting for- you are ready and want it to happen. This is one of those times where you aren’t even fighting (because let’s be honest, we’re all kind of tired of fighting at this point) but are ready to accept what comes, for good or ill.

So what’s it going to be?

The Sun, Moon, and Pluto– With all eclipses, there is some sense of finality, and things being outside of your control- but here it is even more amplified, due to the strong influence of Pluto. This eclipse is literally going to kill you, or at least put you to rest- but that’s good. Its your time. What I mean by this is your life has become untenable, and you have been overly focused on the area of your life where Cancer is. This eclipse is going to shove a stake through the heart of your life and free you to live more fully.

What I want you to know here is that you do not have to be beholden to any one version of yourself, or to anyone’s idea of who you should be. Not your boss, your parents, your friends or your partners- no one. You are a dynamic person with your own identity, and you need to take this time to move out of anyone’s shadow that you might be hiding under, and step out on your own.

There are many reasons that we do this- it can be safer to try and live up to the expectations placed upon us rather than explore our own natures and become the fullest version of who we can be- but eventually the collar of the mantles placed upon us gets too tight, and if you don’t get out from under that yoke you will suffocate. I want you to get up, and boldly declare who you are to the universe, and if they don’t like it, that’s their problem.

Minor Planets used: Vesta, Sappho, Ceto, Sisyphus

Mercury, Jupiter, and Neptune– There is a lot of mental anguish that you are experiencing right now, Heretics. That’s to be expected- there’s a lot going on. You are feeling the pressure of the disconnect between the life that you want and the life that you have, and you are raking yourself over the coals for the bad choices you have made in your past. Don’t get stuck in the reverie, taking perverse pleasure in beating yourself up over your mistakes. Accept what has brought you to this point in your life, and start taking action to make the changes you want. Sure, this can be tough and a lot of you don’t know what you want your life to be- Start with what you DON’T want, and work out from there. It also helps when you help others who struggle too- What seems like common sense to you could be an impossible leap of logic to them, something they never considered.

On that note, do not isolate yourself right now- This is tough, sad Astro, and it can be incredibly difficult to deal with. I know the gut instinct for most people is to close yourself off and hide away so no one sees your messiness, but do you really want to internalize this merde? No, find someone you can trust with your messy side. Reach out, join a group, get a therapist (or book a consult with a friendly and handsome astrologer!) to have some form of mental and emotional release.

Minor Planets used: Psyche, Deucalion, Mors-Somnus, Praamzius, Amycus, Chariklo

Venus, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, and Chiron– Jesus christ…. What do we even do with this combination? Well, this is essentially the backdrop of the eclipse- a bunch of background actors, chewing scenery. These are the retrogrades (and Venus) staying out of the main plot. One thing I can say is that this combination will produce an incredible feeling of frustration, like sand in your internal gears. You want what you can’t or don’t have, and that is perfectly normal to be pissed about. Take some inner stock, and examine the roots of that emotion, and especially anything you feel you are entitled to that isn’t within your grasp. Entitlement usually stems from a percieved need, something you feel is expected of you. Once you get down to the very core, you can determine if you really want this at all, or if you are just trying to live up to someone’s ideal of who you are that you have brought within yourself.

Cut yourself free from your chains, Heretics. Don’t fight this eclipse, and you will be happier than ever before. It’ll only be the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do, is all….

Minor Planets used: CeresPallas Athene, Juno, Pandora, Quaoar, Orcus, Varuna, Albion, Typhon, Elatus, Aphidas, Rhiphonos, Hygiea, Eurydike

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