Pallas Athene in Leo: Tempo

Effective Dates: July 14th- September 5th, 2018

Helios on finally some good news for once– Heretics, I know you hate life right now. Everything is much harder than we’re used to, even going back to the Cardinal Crisis. While Pallas Athene, asteroid Goddess of strategy, politics, and personal excellence moving into Leo will not fix everything on her own, its sure as hell a change for the better.

Listen, I know things have been hard, and a lot of that is due to you not knowing which path to take in your life. You have been trying to make everyone else happy and be a version of yourself that is acceptable to those who care about you- Specifically your family. You have been trying to live up to standards that aren’t your own, and the pressure has been eating you alive.

You are NOT the idea that others have of you. Pallas in Leo, right now, will be a way to change that narrative. With the eclipses tearing your life down around your ears, you have an opportunity. This moment right here is where you change your priorities to make your own happiness your mission. These eclipses are peeling back the facade that you once clung to, but that isn’t enough- once the dust settles, you need somewhere to go with your life, you need something new to build up to- In short, you need a plan and planning is what Pallas does best.

Wherever you have Leo in your chart, you will need to WORK right now, wherever it falls you need to fully integrate it into your life and give 110%. Find something about that area of your life that brings you joy and then figure out how to transfer that into the areas of your life where joy is gone. Find a way to make your life shine like that particular area does. Trust me, this is crucial for the next eclipse. It’s going to be a big one.

Build your bliss, Heretics.

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