Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius: A Light in the Dark

“You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.”Maya Angelou

Helios on the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius– You need to make a choice, right here and right now: You need to choose to survive, to make it through this time. This is the astrological Super Bowl, Heretics, and it is no joke what we face. Lunar Eclipses are where we do battle with our own emotions which seek to test us and, if we fail in our fortitude, destroy the lives we have built. In this, they are more dangerous than Solar Eclipses, because the threat is internal rather than external. I would tell you to be kind to yourself, but unfortunately, that’s not on the agenda- This time you need to survive yourself.

The Sun & Moon, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, and Chiron– Let’s address the elephant in the room: You are languishing. This eclipse is going to provoke feelings of intense dissatisfaction and fatigue. You feel adrift, lost in the world and feeling incredibly alone. What you lack is a purpose, a mission, and this eclipse aims to give you a new one. Trouble is, that can’t happen until you get brought down a few pegs and face a little soul destruction. So again, I ask you- What is it that you want?

Forget the whole “service to humanity” or “higher calling” bullshit that these other astrologers are spouting- that’s not what this eclipse is about. What you need to do is find something that matters to you, something that brings you joy, and explore it. What is it that makes you happy? Figure it out and truly live it. What you are beating yourself up over comes down to a lack of pride, at its core- You don’t have a reason to be happy with yourself in your life, and it’s time to find that again. Forget subsuming and denying the ego, you need to build it back up!

Minor Planets used: Eros, Huya, Typhon, Varuna, Makemake, Salacia, Logos, Aphidas, Elatus, Echeclus, Bienor, Pandora, Toro

Mercury, Venus, and Pluto– FOR THE LOVE OF GOD HOLD OFF ON YOUR BIG EMOTIONAL CONFESSION. Or at least try, with these three in the works, it’s hard to hold back. Look, I get it- You are feeling a lot of deep emotions right now, and the main one is that you are feeling empty. Your emotions are blinding you to the deeper truth. This eclipse reminds us that we are free to choose our own destiny, and that can be terrifying. Nothing is set in stone, and we don’t have any real guide to what to do with ourselves. Therefore, it is up to us to figure it out on our own. You do this by going deep within yourself, being still, and listening to the deepest urges of your heart. Stop, breathe, close your eyes and listen. Once you do this you will know what to do next, and it’s probably what you wanted to do before this last cycle started.

Minor Planets used: Haumea, Ceto, Eris, Varda, Asbolus, Sphinx, Icarus, Bacchus, Klotho, Narcissus, Itokawa

Jupiter and Neptune– Two storm gods, together on an emotional eclipse hell-bent on destroying what you cling to- what could go wrong? Look, you know that it’s time to stop trying to force one-sided attachments, right? You have to start letting go of what isn’t working anymore. It hurts like hell, but these things that you are trying to make happen are weighing you down like an anchor, and you’re lost at sea already! You are trapped between what is and what you want, and it’s killing you. Stop your efforts, and feel. Yes, I am telling you to stop trying and give up, but you already know you have to. This is deep, intense work that is happening within you, a constant churn of shifting and roiling emotions- and you’re going to use them to your advantage.

What I want you to do for this eclipse is to visualize your best life, as detailed as you can. Write it out if it helps, but what really matters is how it feels. Picture it, feel it, know it and hold it tight, then demand that this be your future. There are infinite possibilities for the future, and they all happen at some point- why not have it be this one? This may feel like magic (because it is) but its quantum physics. Infinite realities are a fact, and this reality is one of billions upon billions. Take the future into your own hands and don’t let go until your life is what you make it.

Minor Planets used: Psyche, Mors-Somnus, Chariklo, Iris

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