Uranus Retrograde in Taurus: Break Free

Effective Dates: August 7th, 2018- January 7th, 2019

Helios on Uranus Retrograde– So. Here we are yet again, Heretics. In the endless year of a million retrogrades, Uranus decides he is going to join the party, in the middle of Eclipse season. Great. Fine. Awesome. It’s not like we’re already running into a brick wall while we rapidly downshift and harshly adjust our every hope and dream or anything, nahhhh. The King of Chaos is having a tough time in Taurus already, and he longs for his wilder days when he rampaged through Aries- So he’s going back for one last ride!

Oh come on, you knew that was coming. Everyone else gets to dip back in their former sign this year, might as well let the Storm Shephard do it too! Seriously, have we made any progress this year? It feels like it’s just been an endless backslide (and that isn’t even a political joke!) Nothing has been original, no one is making big strides, and the change isn’t even incremental right now. You’d be forgiven for thinking that we’re stuck in some hellish inertia. Luckily, this transit is actually what we need.

See, Uranus never does things the way the others do- Ask any Aquarian. During his main phase he tends to be quiet, and not cause too much chaos and conniption, but during his retrograde? That’s when he unleashes his pent-up frustration and throws a rager, and makes everyone remember why he is the original King of the Gods, the First Divine. See, Uranus is that little voice within you, the one that hates what our world has become and what your life is now. It is inauthentic, droll and without much room for growth, especially not the wild growth that Uranus loves.  This is his true expression, not direct! When he is in retrograde, he gets to turn that whisper in you into a shout, giving your discontent a megaphone.

See, this is your LAST CHANCE to use the pure, unbridled raw possibility that Uranus in Aries offered us all. The life you’ve been building in Uranus in Taurus… it just isn’t you. You thought you could do it, that you could change with the seasons and do something different, I get you- But it’s not right, and it’s not YOU. The weight of the person you think you have to be is killing you, your own expectations becoming an ever-tightening noose around your neck. If you deny these feelings their proper expression, then you get a whole host of mental illnesses due to the denial of your self. Sure, you can suppress those for a while but then you get self-destructive addictions and bad roads to go down in places you don’t want to visit. Now, on the other hand, if you use it correctly you get the command to destroy the life you have built. Yes, everything that you have so carefully structured for yourself and crafted perfectly needs to be destroyed. It doesn’t work for you anymore. Anything that no longer allows you room to grow and to allow you to be your own authentic self needs bulldozed.

Remember, you can always walk away. The consequences of doing so may be harsh, but nowhere near as bad as if you spend the rest of your life regretting a life you didn’t have the courage to live.

The struggle during this transit will be to determine what is actually important to you, what you want and what you desire. Now that question will mostly be answered during Venus’ retrograde, coming up very shortly, but Uranus plays into it some too. What you will need is a heaping, hearty dose of radical candor, and the way you get that is by relentlessly pursuing authenticity over all else. We live in a world that is manufactured and fake, and growing worse by the day, and this is no truer than in the spiritual community. For too long, we’ve allowed the post-Christianity “Love and Light” bullshit to override our common sense. Lightworkers have failed us, and their worldview is dangerous*. The fact is, our lives are not going to get better if we bury our heads in the sand and refuse to engage with reality, choosing to pursue astral projection or clutching our moldavite like its somehow going to fix our problems. 2012 and Spirit Science showed us that.

We cannot continue to pursue the idea that if we just believe really hard in everything somehow working out for us, that it’ll happen. The cold hard truth is that your life will not improve unless you take action to improve it, and that requires taking an honest and unflinching look at where you are, right now. You have to be willing to see the problems, accept that you fucked up, and be willing to make some radical changes. Indolence is not working, fake positivity is a denial of reality. If your situation is negative, allow it to be negative- don’t try to ignore the reality of negativity just because you don’t like it or it’s unpleasant. If you are uncomfortable with the truth of your life, then use that as a guide to see what you need to change. Write it down, start thinking of solutions. If they scare you a little, you’re probably on the right track. Listen to your soul, it knows the way.

Abandon your gurus and get uncomfortable. It’s the only way to save yourself.

*Oh, and to all you “Grey Path”ers or “Middle Way”ers, eat a dick, there’s no such thing. All you lightworkers who talk about “Taking light into the darkness”? Guess what, thats dark work. Welcome to the fold.

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