Saturn Direct in Capricorn: Manifest Destiny

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Effective Dates: September 7th- May 1st 2018

Helios on Daddy Saturn finally going Direct– Okay, so we’re just diving into this one because there’s a lot to unpack here. The simple fact is that you fucked up. Sometime during Saturn’s Retrograde, you realized that there was a turn you didn’t make, a chance you didn’t take, or a person you spent way too much time on for your own good. At some point, you put your life on hold for something that didn’t pay off, and the consequences of that realization just came home to roost when the Titan King of Time, Fate and Order backed off enough to let you hold the reins and try to forge your own path.

Here’s the deal- Your past is set in stone. Yes there are infinite possibilities and infinite paths but YOUR path that brought THIS version of you to this place is over and written- it’s done. Crying about what mistakes you have made will not do you any good and will only encourage you to wallow in your misery. Saturn doesn’t care that you are sad and regretful and neither do I- All that matters is what you do NOW. Now you have the realization of what you did wrong and what it actually means to you; Your natural reaction will be to write it off because changing your life to fit your true goals and true vision will be hard and will require a hell of a sacrifice on your part, but do not do this because if you do this then you will fucking suffer because you are denying your true needs. Honor your own life. You are worth pursuing your goals. They have value because they matter to you- it doesn’t matter if they matter to anyone else because they are YOURS. Why would you devalue the currency of your dreams? 

You need a gigantic, Titan-sized pivot in your life. You now know what it is you have to do, you had the vision. Remember, Saturn is also Odin, who sacrificed his sight to gain wisdom beyond measure. No great gift comes without great sacrifice. You HAVE to do this- You owe it to yourself to not allow your fear to rule your future. Look, everything is crashing down around our ears anyway, why NOT try to live the life you want to before Rome fully burns? What do you have to lose? Saturn gets a bad rap, but he WANTS you to be happy, successful, hot and rich. He shows you how to get there, and you can complain about his methods but he never, EVER lets you down if you follow his guidance. Saturn is the one planet you can trust, in the end.

Listen, you already know this- you realized it when you saw what you missed out on. It’s easy to hide behind excuses and fear, but what kind of life are you living if you don’t explore your full potential? Sure, you can live a tiny life but you’re robbing yourself of your happiness. Stop whining about how the world is unfair and hasn’t bowed down to give you everything you’ve never worked for and GET OUT THERE TO MAKE THEM NOTICE YOU. Get the fuck up, and out of your comfort zone. Stop waiting on fate to hand-deliver your best life and go shape it for yourself.

In short, don’t let your dreams be dreams.

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