Pluto Direct: Devil May Care

“Hell is empty and all the devils are here.” – William Shakespeare

Effective Dates: October 1st, 2018- June 1st 2019

Helios on Pluto Direct– Well, Heretics, we’re really in the shit now, aren’t we? It feels like every day we cross a new Rubicon, and another ridiculously unbelievable thing happens to shock us for about a week, until the next shocking thing shocks us. Frankly its getting annoying and exhausting, but we have someone to blame, the god of this time- Pluto. No one can say that his sojourn through Capricorn has been uneventful; The God of Death, Power and Destruction has been working overtime in order to bring out the worst in our society- and in us. This last decade has felt like an eternity, with time itself being stretched to fit his agenda in Capricorn- Something that Saturn is going to want to talk about when these two link up in 2020! It’s important to remember that Pluto is only a little over halfway done with his stint in the sign of structure, Those Who Rule, and the State itself. We might be on the downswing but there is plenty left to go- ask anyone with heavy Cap placements!

Wherever you have Capricorn in your chart (this round encompasses 18-22 degrees) has seen IMMENSE changes in who you are. To be more specific, you have watched as Pluto has stripped away what masks you hid behind or the personas you thought you needed to be in order to survive. Sure, you thought it was the end of the world and felt like you were dying- but look at you now! You made it through that trial, and not only are you stronger for it, you are now able to live in a way that you never even considered as possible before Pluto got ahold of you- openly and honestly, the truest and best version of you. Hell, by now that’s the only thing left to do!

Now of course this is Pluto, so it’s not going to be that easy- First of all there are going to be consequences to you living a more authentic life, and letting people into the real you. Not everyone will like it because people live different lives and have different ideas for what is good, and right, and how people should live. At best, you’ll get judgmental looks and some people who don’t like this version of you will drop away from you like so many dead leaves. At worst, you will make enemies who not only want you to stop living your authentic truth, but you will have to defend your life itself and right to exist. Pluto does love his extremes after all…. With the state of the world leaning more and more austere and oppressive every moment, and the fates of the most vulnerable citizens ever more in question, the latter group is far more prevalent than you might think.

Second, there is the question of Courage. This shift in your life will take effort to keep up and maintain- it might just be easier to revert back to your old ways, who you were before the the changes really took hold of you. This is still an option. There are consequences to taking this route, as there are to living authentically. Pluto is not kind to those who take his gifts but don’t do the work- in that, he is far crueler than Saturn ever is. His favorite weapon during this time is Guilt, forcing you to beat yourself up until you align to what it is you really want again. Anxiety, depression, insecurity and fear are also in his toolbox of torture, what with Cancer, Capricorns’ opposite sign, ruling emotions and emotional manipulation. This coming year also shows Jupiter moving into his home sign of Sagittarius, which will be incredibly helpful to us living with courage, candor and cavalier authenticity- but we’ll talk more about him in a couple months.

Listen, I won’t bullshit you- this next pass of Pluto will only bring more changes; Hard-fought victories with high costs, and deeply painful losses as we try to make the best of the life we have in front of us. Much will be asked of you, and more will be needed. It will get worse before it gets anywhere close to better. We aren’t out of the woods yet, and there are monsters lurking around every corner it seems- but none of those are as terrifying as the monsters in our own heads, screaming at us and haunting our every step. The shadows they cast loom large, but if we have the courage to face them, we may just find what we need to get us through this hell.

And so we go.

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  • Laure says:

    Thank you for your contributions to my astro life. Per usual you have encapsulated the changes that we’re facing and anticipating in a way that I can get my weary head around.
    Definitely not out of the woods yet…

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