Mercury in Scorpio: Venom

“Her beauty was enough to get her into most any situation she desired and her tongue—sharp and venomous—was enough to get her out again.” ― Thomm Quackenbush

Effective Dates: October 9th- November 1st

Helios on Mercury in Scorpio
– Fuck. It’s Mercury in Scorpio and everything is awful. No, don’t give me the Spiritualists should be impartial or neutral on the state of the world- I’ve never been able to hold my tongue and I’m sure as hell not about to start on a Mercury post. Honestly, that’s kind of the point of this transit, as the god of Liars, Thieves and Merchants drops out of Libra finishing school and goes to go smoke in the alley of the public school cesspit that is Scorpio- This transit urges you to stop trying to hold back what you really think and call it like it is. Diplomacy be damned.

With Venus pulling her shenanigans, and Jupiter about to get evicted after not paying his rent for six months, Scorpio is currently a rather crowded sign. Mercury crashing on the couch isn’t going to help anything, and you are going to start feeling A LOT of tension and insecurity start to build up within you. You’re going to get tired of the area where Scorpio falls in your chart, of issues there not getting FIXED, just paying lip service rather than dealing with the reality of what is literally staring you in the face. Now, this is obviously going to be easier to call out in others than to notice within yourself, but that is what is actually required. As annoying as it is, this is the time to really try and double down on that meditation practice that you keep putting off- whatever shape that takes for you.

What you want is to manage stress right now, and find ways to actually address the root issues of what causes you frustration directly rather than rationalizing or avoiding the problems you face. Solutions, action, planning and most importantly- execution; The more you can DO right now, the better you will feel. Put your energy to work on the external rather than allow it to rip you apart from within. Your emotions will be wild right now. Be careful, because this transit is one of those that allows you to literally shape your reality with your thoughts and emotions. Think it, feel it, and it will be- If not controlled this is a nightmare. In many ways, you will feel like a teenager again, going through hormonal changes and your brain adapting in kind.

Additionally, this transit is one of those where the rubber has to meet the road in terms of relationships and intimacy. If words and actions aren’t aligning right now, you have to cut off the toxic attachments before they drag you down into the abyss. Examine the intention and emotions behind the words and actions of those who you depend on, but don’t get caught up in the quagmire that is the fascinating psychology of the human puzzle. I am guilty of doing that so many times…. Hell, its the reason I became an astrologer. But this isn’t the time to entertain the fantasy of figuring out your lovers or changing them to suit your ideals- And don’t think that you owe them an explanation or reason, you can just leave in the dead of night. You are not indebted to anyone. Let them go and let it be.

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