Astrology in Action: Mac, Arianna and Pete

Helios on this clusterfuck of a love triangle– Okay, so before we dive in here, a couple disclaimers: 1) I don’t care about any of these people- I hate celebrity culture 2) Substance abuse issues and mental illness are real problems, and people deal with them in different ways 3) There are no martyrs in this story, only victims and 4) Dear god, I’m officially old- these idiots are all younger than me and wildly more successful. *sigh*

Basically, the story goes like this- Mac Miller (L) and Ariana (R) were dating. Ariana leaves Mac for various reasons, partially due to his substance abuse problems and generally not being a great boyfriend to her. The man had mental issues. Obviously we don’t see the whole picture unless we are literally in the relationship BUT when you have one person who is running into light poles because hes driving drunk and the whole thing is playing out for the tabloids to see we can put the pieces together. When Ariana leaves Mac she gets a LOT of backlash, being accused of abandoning her man when he needs her most, and she claps back hard, saying “I am not a babysitter or a mother and no woman should feel that they need to be. I have cared for him and tried to support his sobriety & prayed for his balance for years (and always will of course) but shaming/blaming women for a man’s inability to keep his sh** together is a very major problem.” and honestly I want that to be the main takeaway before we dive further and break this down- Ariana was right to leave and NO ONE should ever feel like you are obligated to stay with someone just because of what they might do if you leave. As someone who has stayed for the wrong reasons, don’t repeat my mistakes.

VERY shortly after the breakup, Ariana starts dating Pete Davidson (below), and we were all like WTF, why? How? Wha…? Okay? Cool? I guess? It was inexplicable and weird. They get engaged after like a week, prompting more incredulity. Things start coming out like Ari saying that Pete has a footlong cock or something ridiculous like that and Mac further spirals. This all takes place in the public eye, again. After this, we are entering more murky territory and for reasons of his own, Mac Miller overdoses in an apparent suicide; recent gossip (yesterday, at time of writing) has it that Pete Davidson exacerbated this by sending explicit pics and videos of him and Ariana to Mac, gloating in his sexual dominance. Now, this was most likely not the only reason things played out the way that they did, however it did lead Ariana to break off her engagement to Pete after she found out.

So, that gives me the final piece to put the pieces of this love triangle together, and identify it as a clear playing out of the story of Nessus, Heracles and Dejanira; a fatal centaurian love triangle. I highly recommend that you read the articles before continuing….. Got it? Good. Now, as I said above, there are no martyrs in this story, but there are victims. Lets look at the charts- First, Mac’s. So this is a ROUGH chart, not one I would wish on anyone. He LOATHED the spotlight yet at the same time had an intense internal pressure to pursue it. Full moon charts are always trying to live out their lives within the boundaries of others, and often times go overboard on this. He felt like this was his path to emotional security, and feeling love. Imagine feeling so unloved that you need to seek it from millions of people all at once…. Hell I actually don’t need to imagine that, I absolutely understand that. Now, unfortunately for Mac any pursuit of his ego needs and creative drives brought him face to face with his personal demons, and was living in a hell that he wouldn’t let anyone in on for fear of being rejected. Something big was up, and I’m going to go with deep sexual issues and insecurities there. Now all of them have major buildups in Cancer-Capricorn (mostly Capricorn) so the question comes up for them: How long are you going to last in my life? They are both the ask and the answer for each. If I had been Macs astrologer I would have absolutely recommend that he focus more on making beats, producing and not worrying about the fame or headlining a tour, or anything Solar. He also had a Superman complex in his own mind but to others that most likely didn’t translate, causing more problems when he truly cared about people and wanted to DO for them and show his love. He was ill-equipped to actually do so healthily, but in his own mind he was a hero.

Now, this brings us to Ariana. Easily the Dejanira in the story, she is not exactly innocent. As the one we have a birth time for and the “prize” for these immature boys, her chart is crucial. For starters, Pluto is bearing down on her ascendant and that will be ROUGH for her. Shes feeling it now but its honestly only going to get worse. Second of all, everything she does is a persona. She is cold and calculating, but not at all unfeeling. She WANTS to feel like a prize, something fought over- because internally she struggles with her own value. Additionally, her type is psycho. She attracts those who already have mental issues because they’re easier to manipulate. She likes keeping these men as her prizes and being prized by them, but also keeping the game going and keeping them unbalanced. That being said, it is clear that she did care for both of these men, and wants things to work out- but on HER terms, not theirs. She is willing to sacrifice them for her own happiness and honestly I respect that in her. There is a ruthless streak in this woman and she works every weapon she has- underestimate her at your own peril. That being said, you can only control the game so long….

Enter Pete. Whew buddy, this goddamn chart. Christ… Yes, there is SEVERE mental issues on display here (which he has NEVER denied, in fact he is very vocal about his issues, which leads to more visibility which helps others) but holy hell the darkness in this man… He gets off on gaslighting his partners and keeping them in the dark as to his true nature.  He is radically unhinged, controlling, manipulative, toxic, radically impulsive and I honestly don’t think he can even experience love. As in I don’t believe that he lets it pierce his heart, he is trying so desperately to control himself when he wants to just unleash his full crazy- and one day he’ll stop holding himself back.  That’s a definite. And what’s more, he relishes when he loses control. Like, he REVELS in his crazy. This chart is DANGEROUS. Like… woof. Jung would have a field day with him. He despises that he has to control himself and despises society for making him feel inadequate for his brain chemistry. He despises all of us as well, and thinks we judge him too harshly (which, I mean… okay we do).

Its easy to paint these people with broad strokes using their charts, but the truth of the matter is that we’re all more than our charts. Its our choices that matter, not our placements. And while you could say that Pete is the Nessus to Mac’s Heracles, the truth is they have the signature for both archetypes within them, and both are foils of each other. Ariana’s Dejanira is pulling both of their strings but Pete is FAR better at the game than she is, and is willing to flip the board over to win, while she is not. Mac was struggling and was willing to do whatever it took to make the pain stop, while the other two are not (as of yet). I will not cast Mac as a hero because honestly he would have wanted to be cast as a martyr when he doesn’t deserve it. Pete is more than an anime villain, but goddamn is he broken. These are three very immature and very broken people who were all wrong for each other, but their collision burned hot and bright for all of us to see- Not to mention it makes a hell of a story. Venus Retrograde brought out the truth and this all happened under her shadow, as she walked the Via Combusta. This is her story, and it is the retelling of a much older tale, of love gone sour.

Love better. Live better. Set yourself free from toxic love, no matter how much it hurts to purge yourself or what it costs you. The alternative is *waves hands at the train wreck of these three children* THIS.

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