Full Moon in Taurus: Exposed

“Now I felt exposed, on display like a puppy in a pet store window, strip steak in a butcher case, a burglar caught in a flashlight beam- in a word, naked.”― Dennis Vickers

Helios on the Full Moon in Taurus- Thank the gods, we are finally out of that hell of a Libra season! Lets all pause and take a nice brea…. oh, it’s Scorpio season. Right. And right out of the gate we get a Full Moon? *heavy sigh* Well, no rest for the wicked, I suppose. Let’s get back to work, Heretics….

The Sun & Moon, VenusSaturn, and Uranus– As the title of this breakdown would belie, the prevailing theme for this Full Moon is a sense of vulnerability, being slightly off your game, and a bit queasy about it if we’re being honest. Yet, even so, you’re expected to not only accomplish all that you planned for- but there is pressure to do all this EXTRA, going over and above what you thought you could achieve. Remember the Eclipses? Well guess what, this will be a check-in from the cosmos to see what kind of work you have been doing towards putting the realizations that you received from that time into form. If you’ve been slacking on that, this will not be pleasant and you will feel tremendous internal pressure to pull the trigger on your goals and dreams.

More importantly, this will be one of those “fated” Moons- SOMETHING is going to happen that corrects your course, and this was always meant to. Now, I loathe the concept of fate, but this is one of those times where its impossible to ignore. You will have to make a choice in your life, a big one- and you’re going to have to give something up, something you want desperately. This will be a tough decision and it will be a question of your priorities. What has been dredged up for you from this Venus Retrograde from actual Hell will be put to the test now, and you will have to put your money where your mouth is- Will you choose the life you have always dreamed of, chasing your dreams alone? Or will you face your fears and try for a love that could be the greatest adventure of your life? Will you double down on your career, robbing your family of the time to see you, or will you try to focus on your mental and physical health at the cost of your financial stability? These are just some of the issues you might face, and the Houses where you have the Taurus- Scorpio axis in your chart will tell you more. Unfortunately, this time you are going to have to give up ground on SOME arena of your life in order to move forward in another- You aren’t going to be able to have it all right now. There will be opportunities later to take back some of that, but for the moment you’re going to have to lose a battle to win the war.

Minor Planets used: Quaoar, Rhadamanthus, Logos, Makemake, Pandora, Siva

Mercury Jupiter, and Chiron– The hardest part about this Full Moon will be the underlying feeling of isolation and paranoia it engenders. Those of you with anxiety (read: almost everyone now) will feel this especially hard, with the sense that everyone secretly hates you and wishes you were never born, in addition to the panic attacks and insomnia that will plague you. These feelings are not your reality. Read that again and repeat it until you believe it. I promise you that you have love in your life, but you are having trouble trusting your loved ones, due to the fear that the love you have for them is not equal to the love they have for you. If you want to know how someone feels about you, open your damn mouth and ask them. Start by saying how you feel about them, if it helps, whether good or bad. You will never know if you don’t communicate, and this is a moon that will build up the pressure and anxiety until you pull that trigger. Do it sooner rather than later.

Oh, and the reason you are suspicious of those you love? You are ruthlessly punishing yourself for some exaggerated offense that only you remember/know. Your mission before Jupiter moves into Sag is to FUCKING LET IT GO. Forgive yourself and MOVE THE FUCK ON. You CANNOT make ANY goddamn progress while dragging around your imaginary guilt. You did the best you could, it is done and the past is unchangeable. Focus on the future you still have to create.

Minor Planets used: Ceto, Sedna, Borasisi, Damocles, Pholus, Icarus, Asclepius

MarsNeptune, and Pluto– Okay so this astro is going to challenge you, because you don’t want to be mad. You look at the state of the world and the collective challenges we face, and it exhausts you. Listen, I know how much you have done and how far you still have to go, but this is not at all the time to rest. You are going to want to take your anger, your energy, and just push it down within yourself to deal with later- Resist that urge. Instead, USE IT. Let it fuel you. I know how dangerous it can be, and in our society we get told to not lose our cool, not lash out and not allow our emotions to show. Fuck that. These are extraordinary times, and we face impossible challenges- we cannot do anything as emotionless robots. You are not above this reality, and you should not aim to escape it. Denying your anger is denying a piece of yourself, a crucial one at that. You are already feeling like a trapped animal, and its time to remind the world you have claws.

Minor Planets used: Vesta, Eros, Teharonhiawako, Altjira, Deucalion, Rhiphonos, Urania, Toro, Astraea, Sphinx, Orpheus

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