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Helios on Lempo
– OKAY SO THIS ONE HAS BEEN A BITCH TO DO. I have been wanting to do this one since it was announced, I like it A LOT and I have been hindered only by the NEAR COMPLETE LACK OF SOURCES on him. I have to go a bit off-script this time, but that’s what you get when you pick Minor Planet astrology as your chosen field. Lots of research, and you have to be the one to figure things out, taking leaps.

I love every second of it.

The Astronomy- 47171 Lempo is a trans-Neptunian object and trinary system from the Kuiper belt, located in the outermost regions of the Solar System. It was discovered on 1 October 1999, in Arizona, United States.  It is classified as a plutino with a 2:3 mean-motion resonance with Neptune, and, currently only being 30.5 AU from the Sun, is among the brighter TNOs. It reached perihelion in July 2015. This minor planet was named after Lempo from Finnish mythology. The trinary system’s other two components, Paha and Hiisi, were discovered in 2001 and 2007, respectively, and later named after Lempo’s two demon cohorts.

The Myth– Lempo is the god of love and fertility in Finnish mythology, is the chief of the forest-demons, and is inconceivably wicked. He was brought into the world consentaneously with Suoyatar, from whose spittle, as sung in The Kalevala, he formed the serpent. This demon is described as cruel, horrible, hideous, and bloodthirsty, and all the most painful diseases and misfortunes that ever afflict mortals are supposed to emanate from him. This demon, too, is thought by the Finlanders to have a hand in all the evil done in the world. Most likely Lempo was the goddess of love (lempi = the old-fashioned word for love in Finnish). Even as the goddess of love Lempo could be ambivalent or even evil because before the modern concept of romantic love came to be, love was often regarded as a capricious, outlandish and even dangerous force which could take control over a person, take away reason and lead to ruin. According to one research in the event of a wife having committed adultery, the lempi that had turned sour, into lempo, was to be banished.

Sometimes Lempo appears in ancient “aphrodisiac spells” or love spells meant to call forth arousal, typically as part of marriage rituals. The words “lempo” and “hiisi” are also used as very mild swear words in the Finnish language. “Piru” is a slightly stronger swear word. This is also work of Christians, they weren’t originally bad words.After Christianity came to Finland, the reputation of Lempo worsened: (s)he is portrayed in the folklore usually as erratic spirit, as love can be capricious, even dangerous, and it could even take control of a being and turn them to destruction.  It is reasonable therefore to suppose that the Finns cast him as the son of Evil to look after the feelings of the human heart, because they regarded love as an insufferable passion, or frenzy, that bordered on insanity and incited in some mysterious manner by an evil enchanter.

So in the source for the myth, The Kalevala, we see Lempo mainly as a source of consternation and annoyance to the Finnish hero Väinämöinen. NOW, Väinämöinen is really, really weird and cool and is what you would get if you mixed Vulcan with Thor. Weird dude. But it’s not his story, its Lempo’s. Lempo seemed to delight in tripping up Väinämöinen for no real good reason. Think Loki and Thor from the MCU. Now, one major story of them has Väinämöinen trying to impress this really stuck up princess who kept trying to set impossible tasks that Väinämöinen kept annoyingly passing with ease. Finally, he comes to the last task, and Lempo decides to try and trip him up by slicing up his legs with a hatchet. Väinämöinen is an idiot and blames the ax itself, and he tries to heal it with magic but it becomes this whole thing in and of itself and also Lempo used poison on it. It’s… a lot.

Why He Matters– SO. Lempo is big and complicated. Lempo is a LOT like Ixion, but where Ixion is making head-centered heartless decisions and having them go bad, Lempo is the opposite extreme. Lempo is pure passion, want, need and drive. It has no motivation or intelligence, only instinct. This is dangerous for obvious reasons. Lempo is like the darkest parts of Eros, and it is the reason why I took the direction I did with him in his original article. I stand by it, and it is one of the most important ones to me. Love, desire and passion can be horrific if it isn’t returned. It is quite often unwelcome and unwanted. This is Lempo. Trouble is, there’s a dark seduction to him, like a sexy Pluto. When I first started looking at him, I called it vampiric, and that carried over to the glyph I created for him.

In the chart, Lempo rules things held under the surface (Like Ceto) but it is about sexuality, urges, and drives. This is the guy ruling all the stuff hidden and taboo. Incest, pedophilia, rape fantasy… the perversion of Love is all him; Love gone bad, love lost to urges (any kind that distracts you from what you have) and love that just isn’t enough to satisfy. Lempo is a hunger, a thirst, and he demands that his needs be satiated. Now, the sources do say that Lempo is usually female, but not always- and I’m saying that this is the evil that men do sexually to women. The dark urges within men (and some women) are present, and this world is not kind to females. I don’t have to tell you anything about it, every woman has more than one story of when they were uncomfortable or violated. That’s Lempo. He represents when the line gets crossed, and someone gets violated in one way or another. There may be good in him, but I’m struggling to find it.

To find out where he shows up in your chart, go to astro.com, put in your birth details and in the extended options, all the way at the bottom of the next page, there will be a menu of additional objects. Under that is a blank space where you can enter the number 47171, for AgamemnonLempo. Once you have it entered, generate the chart! Where does Lempo affect your life? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • KPersephone says:

    I have Lempo conjunct my Venus (4♓︎)…Unrequited love has been a permanent fixture in my life. It’s also in my 8th. I often find myself becoming who the other needs but not who they want. And recently in therapy I’ve come to the conclusion that a lot of times when I have sex I feel like the other person has taken something from me, or that I’ve been violated…idk is weird.

    • David Henry says:

      Sometimes the hardest thing is to contain the elements within you and be conscious of them, but that is a path to reshaping how you make emotional decisions. Is there any support coming from Saturn, Neptune or anybody else in your chart?

  • Karkyra says:

    In my natal, Lempo is right on my Ic.

    I indeed associate Lempo with hedonism, taboo, decadence…

    Aleister Crowley and famous german dominatrux Domenica Niehoff have the same aspect too. That should tell one something

  • Vee says:

    I’m just looking into David Bowie’s chart and looking at planets we and in turn he has at the Galactic centre to see what bearing this has on us as gifts/traits from the universe. Bowie has Lempo at 28 deg Sag and also Salacia conjunct Galactic Centre at 26 deg. He was an undeniable force when it comes to audacity regarding sexual expression, liberty and salaciousness. He really used his gifts in such a transformative way so perhaps KPersephone you can channel this aspect into music and also see what is coming from the Galactic centre in terms of asteroids/gifts https://serennu.com/astrology/ephemeris.php free site easy to use.

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