Mars in Pisces: Drowning

“When you compare the sorrows of real life to the pleasures of the imaginary one, you will never want to live again, only to dream forever” ― Alexandre Dumas

Effective Dates: November 15th -December 31st 2018

Helios on Mars finally getting his ass out of Aquarius– Dear gods, that was a long-ass trip that Mars took us all on in Aquarius, wasn’t it? Hell, it felt like it was all year…. Well, the good news is that it’s over. The bad news, is that unfortunately now we have to deal with my least favorite return- Mars in Pisces.

That’s right, Heretics- Your fearless Oracle has his Mars (Planet of Force, Drive, and Action) in the worst position for him to be in, the sign of Peace, Surrender and Self-Undoing. Now I know other Astro-hacks out there will wax poetic about how this is about to be a wonderful time of people surrendering their drives to get along with each other or to give your will over to a higher power- And I’m here to tell you that not a single goddamn one of them knows what this placement is about. Mars in Pisces is about you enduring suffering- suffering of a personal and private nature, something that you can never share due to it not being understood. It isolates you, sabotages your relationships and forces you to withdraw from those who would help you. Mars in Pisces forces you to turn your sword on yourself, and to torture and cut until you feel alright again.

I will tell you this again, even though it won’t stick- there is no sanctity in suffering. It is not holy, and there is no reward for it in the worlds beyond. Wherever you have Pisces in your chart is where you will be expected to lose, to give up, and to suffer. Suffering is something to be eliminated within ourselves and in this world, and that is the highest mission for Mars in Pisces- Who always needs a holy mission, a divine inspiration. Unfortunately, those don’t always come, and when they do they feel more like an anchor around your neck than a reason to live. Speaking of, expect depression and anxiety to increase during this time. When I said you turn your sword upon yourself, I wasnt speaking metaphorically- Pisces is the Sign of Self-Undoing, and those who say that you should kill your ego don’t speak of what it really feels like. It feels like you are drowning, trying to keep your head above water, knowing that your consciousness is going darker and darker while your light goes out within you. It literally feels like death, not liberation- Take it from someone who has survived both.

This transit will require fortitude, especially when Mars links up with Neptune midway through. That will be a hard time to get through- As Mars creeps up on Neptune, you will encounter more and more loss and despair. When he reaches Neptune it will be a moment for you to accept your losses and find a way to move past them in this shitty world, or it will be where you surrender, once and for all, and lose yourself to the depths. Afterwards, your mission will be to pull yourself out of the depths by sheer force of will. You will need a strong sense of who you are and what you want out of your life to get through this, and it will not be easy. I don’t care what the other astrologers say, surrendering to some nondescript, vague sense of the Divine is NOT the way to get through this. The way forward is to endure, no matter how much you want to collapse. It will test your will and keeping on out of spite alone might be all you have sometimes- Whatever it takes, get through this time.

Your future is counting on it.

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