Centaur Spotlight: Rhiphonos

Helios on Rhiphonos
– Well Heretics, here we are; the last (currently) named and numbered centaur. Sure there are provisionally named ones like Niku and Pylenor but they’re not officially named yet so they don’t count. This is a win, and brings us one step closer to the end of my mission from when I first started. I never thought I would get even this far, and am shocked that you all have trusted me to bring you the knowledge that I have on these insane, but always impressive, icy space rocks that would otherwise go unnoticed. So, without further ado, Rhiphonos!

The Astronomy– 346889 Rhiphonos is a transneptunian asteroid of the Centaur type discovered August 28, 2009, in Kazan, Russia.

It has an orbital period of 12909 days, or 35.34 years with an eccentricity of .44 and an inclination of 19.9. Rhiphonos’ latest perihelion passage took place on February 26, 2010.

The Myth– Rhiphonos, along with the eleven other rustic daimones, had been appointed guardians for the future Olympian Dionysius while the Nysiades took care of the baby. When Hera learned that the Daimones had been protecting the baby she turned them into ox-horned centaurs. Despite his change, Rhiphonos and the other Daimones change they still stayed loyal and were with him when he made war in India. They were among the first of his followers. Rhiphonos’ name means “Throwing”

Why He Matters– Now, I struggled with this one for quite a while. Far longer, than I should have, frankly. What mental illness has to do with throwing? Cant be throwing hands in anger, we’ve used that one like three times already. It finally occurred to me after looking at tons of charts in my test group and really thinking about throwing- Rhiphonos pertains to body dysmorphia and eating disorders, specifically bulimia. It’s laughably obvious once you start looking at it, because its prominent in my chart and I’ve struggled with my relationship to my body since I shot up from a tiny shrill-voiced child to a giant 6’4 260 lb monster of a man literally overnight- and that’s not something I have a monopoly on by any means, even with Rhiphonos on my MC and opposite my Venus (squaring Neptune and Chiron)

My body forces me to be somewhat bulimic from a weird condition that doctors can’t figure out (that almost killed me my senior year of high school) and it comes and goes intermittently. Some days my body just forces me to puke everything I have eaten out, and there’s no rhyme or reason to it. So I try to just avoid eating. That hardly helps. But enough about that.

Rhiphonos can also carry into the opposite, where one obsesses over their body to get sub-10% body fat, constantly in the gym, starving and forcing themselves to become as perfect as possible- in the end, that’s the flaw of Rhiphonos, the pursuit of unattainable bodily perfection. Society tells us we should look one way, and those who do are put on a pedestal while those who don’t are shunned and ignored until they do. Its rough. I dont have an inspiring answer or anything to this one, just try to love yourself no matter what shape or size you come in.

To find out where he shows up in your chart, go to astro.com, put in your birth details and in the extended options, all the way at the bottom of the next page, there will be a menu of additional objects. Under that is a blank space where you can enter the number 346889, for Rhiphonos. Once you have it entered, generate the chart! Where does Rhiphonos affect your life? Let us know in the comments below!

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