New Moon in Gemini: Bat Outta Hell

“The path to paradise begins in hell.” ― Dante Alighieri

Effective Date: June 3rd, 2019

Helios’ Astrological Angle on the New Moon in Gemini– …He…ics… Are…u rec….ing…? No i….ea if… *loud smack* Christ, I’m not sure this old thing even works… I said Heretics can you hear me? Listen, DON’T believe the reports of my death, I am trapped behind enemy lines and there is no way out right now. I’m still here and I’m still fighting. I’m hunkered down and trying to wait out the mortar fire in a basement, and I have no idea if this old ham radio even works (or how to use an old ham radio for that matter!) So I may have just compromised my position. You know what…. screw it. I’ve been hiding out here long enough, I’m ready to make a break for it.

And so we go.

The Sun & Moon, and Mars- This Lunation centers around one key concept, Heretics- are you ready to move on? Some time ago we were forced to descend into our personal hells, and it was a TRIP. You thought you could handle it, I know- and you faced it bravely. You did your absolute damndest, and no one can hold what happened against you. You looked into the eyes of the demon and didn’t blink. The horrors you faced within yourself are past you, but that doesn’t mean that you will forget them anytime soon.

Now that you escaped the torment, what do you do now? I know it doesn’t feel like you ever left, especially every time you close your eyes or allow yourself to relax in the slightest, but you made it out. Make that your mantra when it gets bad- “I made it out. It’s behind me. I made it out”. Here’s the deal- You already know what you have to do. The purpose of the last descent, if you recall, was to clear the past in order to free up your future. This was an obligation, and now you are free to pursue the dream that you spent all that time in 2018 figuring out- but now you have an advantage: You descended into the worst of your fears and nightmares, facing them head-on so that you could move past them as the fully realized, best version of yourself. That was literally the entire point, remember? AND YOU DID IT. Now you have to actually show up and take that bravery to the next level by showing the world who you really are. For too long, you’ve been trying to plan your life around this, avoiding this at all costs. Now it is time to Lean In, giving this life all you have. Open your heart to this world, and show us who you are, who you have fought so hard to become. Everything you bled for, that you held onto for so long, NOW is the time you have been waiting for. Your time has come, and you’re ready to take the stage. Go on then, they just said your cue!

Minor Planets used: Pallas Athene, Altjira, Nessus, Magdalena, Icarus, Pandora, Bacchus

Mercury, Uranus, and Chiron– It all boils down to this: If you want to escape the story that you’re in then STOP TELLING IT! Any day can become the first day of a new age if you say it’s so! You do not have to be a victim any longer if you do not want to be- you can rework your story to be a survivor; a hero who overcomes their trauma despite it all, rather than someone who things just happen to.  Your enemy right now is your own mind, mostly impostor syndrome and the belief that after all you have gone through, you are somehow undeserving of love and can never be accepted as you truly are. Well, here’s the deal- if you never SHOW us who you are, hiding behind the mask of who you think we want you to be, how can we ever accept you as you are underneath it? Of course, this can’t happen until you are ready to accept yourself as you are under the mask, which is what this all stems from and is the only solution. You have to be willing to look yourself in the eye and love yourself, no matter what your flaws, scars or history. Do that and you can do anything. Also, if it helps let me be the first to love you.

Minor Planets used: Ceres, Vesta, Ixion, Manwe, Salacia, Bienor, Lachesis & Atropos, Achilles, Panacea, Ophelia

Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto– Here’s the thing; Its fine to hope, dream and wish for your life to change, but the astro now calls for action. See, its been listening to your prayers, you begging for change, and now you have the chance to make it a reality. This requires you to actually take the steps of aligning your vision to your reality. AKA actual work- otherwise it just stays a dream. What you must do, right now, is first speak what you want into existence (Gemini demands words- This can be a prayer, spell, or manifesto) and then start taking steps to make it happen for yourself. The road opens for those who rise to meet it, after all. Luck is on your side, but you have to put in the sweat equity to build your empire. This is in a way the most courageous act I have asked of you yet, and it is the most rewarding. You have to get back up now, and make some moves. I know its terrifying, and a Herculanean task, but trust me, just START somewhere. Do one thing, and then one more thing. Keep doing things, one by one. Use that beautiful focus that Venus is giving you right now. Face your reality for what it is right now so that you can change it into something magnificent.

Minor Planets used: Eros, Psyche, Ceto, Sila-Nunam, Deucalion, Mors-Somnus, Asbolus, Chariklo, Cyllarus, Amycus, Isis, Terpsichore, Hidalgo, Urania, Hekate, Orpheus, Persephone, Hephaistos, Phaethon, Klotho

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