Mercury Retrograde in Cancer: New Perspective

“Much unhappiness has come into the world because of bewilderment and things left unsaid.”Fyodor Dostoevsky

Effective Dates:
July 3rd- August 15th, 2019

Helios’ Astrological Angle on Mercury Retrograde– Yes kiddies, kiddos, and cadets; It’s not enough that we are officially in Eclipse season, but its also happening against the backdrop of five retrograde planets! And the one to watch is every fake-woke white girl armed with a floppy Stevie Nicks hat and starter Tarot deck, chugging kombucha like it’s her absentee father’s love’s favorite: Mercury Retrograde! Now, for astrologers the double whammy of Mercury Retro and Eclipses is a mitzvah, because it means we can double up on the memes we make which leads to more consults that we can sell, giving us money that we will inevitably waste on cheap wine and more obscure astrology books- but what does this mean for you mere mortals who aren’t cursed with the grinding awareness that the cosmos is churning inexorably overhead at literally all times? 

For starters, the standard warnings all apply- no signing contracts (especially not a new phone or car), no excessive travel, social media to be kept to a minimum, and your ex blocked on all platforms. No drunkenly sexting Tyler at 8:35 pm on Wednesday (he’s only going to leave you on read anyway and hit you back up in Leo season). But what else does the Trickster God of Rebels, Rogues, and Renegades have in store for us?

Well, the Patron of Thieves, Merchants and Con Men will be in very early Leo (so early that we’re ignoring it from here on in) to mid-Cancer. Wherever that falls in your chart will bring up MAJOR issues and miscommunications. These will provoke extreme emotional responses prompting you to go full-on Taylor Swift. The real trick, the deeper issue to this however, is a major sense of dissatisfaction in your day-to-day life. Something BIG just isnt clicking for you, and the sad thing is you know exactly what you need to change- you’re just resisting it. So why is that? Why are you holding yourself back from living the truest expression of your absolute best life? 

Here’s the deal- Mercury Retro is going to make you face the lingering feelings of being unwanted, of not being good enough to demand your place in the world, and of feeling unable to express who you really are. These stem from one root cause- At some point when you were very young, you got the message that you need to stay silent, to not bother people with your silly stories or dumb jokes, and you were laughed at for your sincerity instead of being encouraged. This was exposed with the last, ultra-rough, Chiron Retrograde. Now you need to actively heal it, and only the twin fires of Mercury Retrograde and the Eclipses will do to achieve the task. Anytime you feel yourself pulling back in your expressions or self-editing out of insecurity, double down! Put yourself out there, and in so doing you will experiment, mess up and put your foot in your mouth- but you will go miles towards healing the wounds that have been plaguing you for years. 

Note- This advice does not mean you can sext Tyler. Sext his friend Brad instead, he has a good finance job and will appreciate your magnificence a bit more.

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