Mars in Leo: Chasing the Sun

 “Part of me suspects that I’m a loser, and the other part of me thinks I’m God Almighty.”  – John Lennon

Effective Dates: July 1st- August 19th

Helios’ Astrological Angle on Mars in Leo– THANK FUCK FOR MARS IN LEO! We get one last surprise before Eclipse season, and you’d be a fool not to pay attention to him. Mars, the Warrior God of Men, Masculinity, Force, Aggression, and Battle is roaring out of mopey Cancer and into Leo, which is so much more suited for him. Turns him from Edgar Allan Poe to Alexander the Great overnight, and with all of this incredibly heavy Eclipse energy surrounding and enveloping us, some heroic inspiration is sorely needed.

Now, a lot of mainstream astrologers are going to take one look at this transit and wail heavily because it is some aggressive, egocentric masculine drive, coming in to kick over the sacred Cancer season sandcastles of the Divine Feminine or some such trite. Sure, masculine, self-centered and irreverent men have gone around giving us all a bad rap lately, and doing incredibly disgusting things- Literal nazis in all their new names and faces, Holy warriors using religion to justify their hatred, and the goddamn President deciding actual concentration camps for Latino immigrants are a good idea; No one with a semblance of a brain is going to deny this. But is this Mars in action? No, that’s actually Jupiter. Mars would fight this. Mars would recognize this as unjust and make war on the tyrants- he’s damn good at that.

Mars in Leo is a damn hero. Square-jawed, sword upheld and gleaming in the sun, charging on a white horse to slay the dragons we’re too scared to face ourselves- and we have some massive dragons bearing down on us y’all. Mars in Leo is the best way for us to weather these eclipses. I’ve talked at length about how when times are tough, the Malefics of Mars and Saturn are the only ones you can trust to have your back, and this time is no exception. The eclipses coming want to drown us, crush us and drown us in the same darkness we have spent months trying to crawl out of, and Mars is here to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Listen, I am serious about these eclipses. The first one wants you to drown yourself in the ocean of your own despair so that you will stop the feelings of inexorable emptiness. Mars in Leo would never allow you to do this. He will be there in the dark moments, when it’s just you and your pain, and will have your back. You need to remember that you are a hero, not a martyr- you do not need to sacrifice yourself for a lost cause, throwing your life away for nothing isn’t romantic, its a damn waste.

Yes, Mars in Leo is going to cause you to be egocentric and full of yourself, AND WHY THE HELL NOT? This Astro, this life, it requires warriors, willing to go hard in the paint to prevent what has happened to them to happen again to others. Having an ego is how you survive in this world, and in the end you are all that you have; so yes, you need to cultivate your soul- but not at the cost of your ego. That trend in spirituality is dangerous and irresponsible. We cant all turn a blind eye to what is going on in this world as we transcend to Bodhisattva status or whatever the goal is anymore, I stopped listening to morons like Jordan from Spirit Science and Teal Swan years ago.

These eclipses are a war with yourself that you are just not ready for, but Mars in Leo is there to make sure you can stand on your own feet and face the darkness within you with courage, bravery, and fortitude. You should not be humble now, you need to remember every ounce of your magnificence and glory so you can conquer the challenge set in front of you. This is not the time to be humble or slink into the background, this is the time to rip the masks off your soul and let the light that you have been hiding shine bright. This is not the time for standard lightworker bullshit of servicing others to let them shine before you, no- right now you need to abandon that and focus on this period of ultimate transformation within yourself- first, foremost, and exclusively. Draw lines in the sand and enforce them. Do not give away a single bit of your power right now.

It’s time to get out there and show the world what you can do, Heretics!

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