Saturn Direct: The War on Reality

“You will never have a greater or lesser dominion than that over yourself…the height of a man’s success is gauged by his self-mastery; the depth of his failure by his self-abandonment. …And this law is the expression of eternal justice. He who cannot establish dominion over himself will have no dominion over others.”― Leonardo da Vinci

Effective Dates:
September 19th, 2019- May 12, 2020 (at 1 Aquarius)

Helios’ Astrological Angle on Saturn Direct in Capricorn– Here we are, Heretics, on the other side of one hell of a retrograde. I hope you were paying attention to all the abuse that Dom Daddy Saturn was putting you through over the last few months, because there are some serious lessons in the pain that will be key to your success through the most devastating and crucial challenge to come- The triple conjunction next year between Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, all in Capricorn.

For now, however, let’s focus on Saturn. Over the last few months, you have been raking yourself over the coals and giving yourself all of the hell you never knew that you needed. In the pain there were realizations that you made when you were confronted with external conflicts that mirrored your internal battlefield. You were presented with examples and opportunities to overcome and work through your own bullshit. Whether or not you stepped up to the challenge I cannot say, we all have our wins and losses, but you learned either way. All of this struggle was to strip away the lies that you have told yourself over the years and reconnect you to who you truly are at your core. More importantly, it is to remind you that you have the power within you to change your reality and achieve amazing things.

The problem is belief. Specifically, your belief in yourself. You have forgotten, over the years, just how magnificent you truly are. This is why you have followed the Hermit’s path, to rid yourself of distractions- It is why everything you were clinging to has fallen away: You were leaning on them as a crutch to avoid standing on your own two feet. You had to remember who you are and what you can do.

This is a time for mastery, where you are to build on what you have learned. You have been pressed on determining what it is that you truly WANT out of your life, and even though you’ve suffered, now you have the knowledge you need in order to make it real. You are being charged at taking an active role in creating your life, not surrendering it to higher powers. Saturn tells us that now is the time to get in the driver’s seat, because Jesus is done taking the wheel. Your mission is to make your reality more than just a dream. There is room for it, and you have the right to make it manifest. The question is, do you believe in yourself enough to?

Now, for what’s to come- This will get esoteric, but it can be translated to every facet of your life once you get the hang of it, and im going to tie it all together, just trust me. What we call magic is basically just changing or bending reality. To do this, you must first accept that reality is malleable. Since you are part of reality, this includes you and can cause problems. You must accept that you are trying to change the fabric that makes up everything, including yourself, while being a part of what is being created (or re-created). This sounds harder than it is. Quantum mechanics tell us that the nature of reality changes when it is observed, and this is standard education- we know that we already have the power to make changes in what is real. Then you remember that all matter is just vibrating atoms and reflected light at its base level. Any magic done to change reality eventually leads to a point where you are challenged, a doorway between what is real and what could be, where you are confronted with your own doubts. The question is, are you willing and able to stand in front of all of reality, overcome your doubts and fears, declare that you exist and have the right to change it as you see fit? It takes an enormous amount of self-love to stand in that power, but it is that very thing that you must learn how to do.

This does not necessarily only apply to high magickal concepts, this process is translated in anything that you are doing in your life, like applying for a job that you might not be totally qualified for but would change your life for the better, or giving a big presentation that you doubt you are truly prepared for. Stand in your truth, stand in your power, and remember that you have it within you to shake the world to its core. Your doubts are just shadows and your dreams are but a breath away. Open the door and walk through.

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