New Moon in Libra: The Breath of Life

“Once you realize you deserve a bright future, letting go of your dark past is the best choice you will ever make.”― Roy T. Bennett

Effective Date: September 28th, 2019

Helios’ Astrological Angle on the New Moon in Libra
: Okay, here’s the deal Heretics- this is not going to be a normal one, I have a lot to get through and the muses are shouting at me to get it all down. We’re glossing over the normal Libra crap about balance and relationships and we’re going to explore the process that led us to where we are right now instead, what is actually going on in your internal landscape, what it means, and where we’re going.

The Summer Eclipses forced us into our own darkness and made us become empty so that we could enter the void. They forced us to scoop out our bullshit like a melon baller to the soul. There was no arguing, no whinging, no negotiating- It simply was what needed to be done. Leo season was like a power-washer shoved down your throat to make sure all the muck and merde was pushed out for good. The mission was brought back to us, and we were inspired yet again. Then in Virgo, we started to rebuild- a new and upgraded version of the Self, built from the ground up, and we became ready to give Love to our Self for a damn change. So this process is ongoing and we don’t fully know where it will lead us (none of these have been normal seasons thus far, so seeing the final destination is a challenge) what does that mean for Libra? Well, now you have to breathe a new life into your self-creation and get ready for a serious re-invention of your life. Everything about this New Moon will be about furthering this goal.

The Sun, Moon, Chiron, and Uranus– So it’s one thing to say all of that, but how do you go about actually doing it? Well, it turns out that it’s simpler than you might think…. then again what is simple is rarely easy, and this time it’s no exception. What this lunation demands is that you MUST make a clean break with your pain and your past. Now, I know this will bring me hate but think about it for a damn minute- You cannot make any forward progress while you are hiding in the shadows from yourself and lugging around your pain like an anchor around your neck. Holding onto your pain is holding on to your past and you need to let it go. You need to move on. A clean break- take a day, clean your living space, smudge the crap out of everything, and then just decide to not be hurt anymore. And yes, it truly can be that easy IF YOU MANIFEST IT TO BE. The whole point of this is to reinvent and upgrade your Self, allowing your reality to change. YOU CANNOT CHANGE YOUR LIFE WITHOUT CHANGING YOURSELF FIRST.

You must begin telling a new story for yourself- one where you are not the victim, one where you have made peace with your past. This is a reboot and it is time to go in a new direction. You will need to let go, and this will be excruciatingly painful for most because you don’t feel ready to move on- You’re ready, you have no choice but to be anymore. Anyone who doesn’t like that, too bad- ya’ll had time to choose it for yourself, now time is running out and the choice is being made for you. Evolve or die, there is no third option. The area you DO have agency and choice in is what the story you tell yourself entails. Hell, sit down and write it out if it helps- at least an outline. Cast yourself as the hero you needed before you were hurt, and change the narrative. Give your pain a purpose, but now it’s truly time to leave it the fuck behind. Move on. Let go. It’s time.

I need to make it clear that your mission is not to heal your pain, no we’re not doing that anymore. It doesn’t work anyway. Now you need to concentrate all your bullshit, compress it, and break it off of you for good so that you can yeet it into the Sun. Don’t worry about losing your pain- you don’t cry when you take out the rotting garbage and trash every week, do you? No, you need to consciously break it off. There is no compromising with it, stalling, or delaying anymore. What has holding on to your pain brought you anyway? Has it improved your life in any way? No? Get rid of it.

Minor Planets used: Makemake, Logos, Varuna, Salacia, Eros, Circe, Isis, Eurydike, Iris, Hidalgo, Phaethon

Mercury, Mars, and Pluto– Here’s the deal, you need to stop trying to reclaim who you were before you became who you are. Going back, regressing… that is not the way life works. Your mission is to move on. I want you to imagine yourself without the emotional pain or trauma you carry- not who you were before it, you now and everything you face. How would you face your present challenges in this moment if you weren’t weighed down with what happened to you? How would you act if you didn’t expect to fail? What choices would you make? Pretend you were a new version of yourself. Let the old one die. Let go of who you think you are so you can become who you were meant to be. Listen, the old you no longer serves you and is ill-prepared for this time. Remake yourself anew so you can thrive instead of suffering. The cosmos does not want you to suffer, and the only way that you will is by holding on to what is already gone. Quit crying over spilled milk and pour yourself a new goddamn glass.

Minor Planets used: Eris, Sila-Nunam, Chaos, Manwë, Asbolus, Chariklo, Osiris, Damocles, Heracles, Orpheus

Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune– So what form should the new story of this stage of your life take? Well, the details of that are up to you, to be sure, but let’s talk central themes- first of all, we’re chucking the painful backstory and tortured hero trope, save that for Batman to brood over. Start from what you want to accomplish, the things you want to do and the person you desire to become and work backward. Create your future by story-boarding it and aligning yourself to your dreams. Stay in character, but remember you’re working with a new script- one with no tragedy to overcome. You’re focusing on achieving future success through present action, not tormented by past trauma. Make no mistake, this is going to be some dark and intense shadow work, but you get the benefit of it being an abstraction for now. You get the gift of getting to go deep within yourself and make the changes you need to, without the emotional merde. You are building the mental framework of your new self right now. Focus on your new self’s ambitions, desires, and reject anything that comes from a place of your old pain. You can have everything you want. Have the courage to change your story; leave your pain behind, step into self-love and watch the magic happen.

Minor Planets used: Lempo, Dziewanna, Rhiphonos, Elatus, Pelion, Astraea, Diana, Terpsichore, Atropos, Toro, Hebe

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  • Julia Johnson says:

    AMAZING work as always Helios! Beautiful writing and spot-on points. I feel this down to my root and through my whole self and Libra season kicked off in a major way for me last night. Brilliant work.

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