Mercury in Scorpio: Poisoned Little Lies

The sick in mind, and, perhaps, in body, are rendered more darkly and hopelessly so by the manifold reflection of their disease, mirrored back from all quarters in the deportment of those about them; they are compelled to inhale the poison of their own breath, in infinite repetition.”― Nathaniel Hawthorne

Effective Dates: October 3rd- December 10th, 2019 (Retrograde Dates: October 31st- November 21st)

Helios’ Astrological Angle on Mercury in Scorpio–  You’re worthless. You’re not doing what you’re supposed to be. You’re lazy, fat, and you missed your opportunity. Your life is a waste. No one wants to be around you. You’re a joke- when you’re thought of at all. Be honest, how many times since you woke up today have you said those same exact things to yourself- if not exact in word than in intention?

This will be a rough Mercury transit y’all. As you no doubt noticed in the dates, this will be a Retrograde as well. You’re already doubting your competence and ability to make your dreams a reality with the other transits in the mix, I know- but now we have to deal with this one as well.

The key to surviving this Mercury Retrograde is going to hinge on your ability to shift your internal dynamic. You must stop any form of negative or self-defeating self-talk. Your internal monologue needs to become one of empowerment first and foremost. This is easier said than done, of course- but listen, this is a survival strategy. How much further do you really think you can get towards your goals if your mental energy is being spent telling yourself how worthless it all is and that you won’t succeed anyway, so it isn’t worth expending the energy to do anything other than languishing in self-pity? Do you really think that will get you anywhere other than your couch, wasting your life watching Netflix?

Every fear and negative belief you have in yourself will be thrown up in your face under this transit. You will need to overcome your own mind, and this will be a battle- make no mistake. Every time one of these fears or limiting beliefs comes up, I want you to stop, close your eyes, and forcefully tell yourself “That’s not true” or just a simple “No”. This is going to be difficult, but it will get easier every time you do it. Any meditative practice will help you now, and that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to sit there and try and clear your mind while your mind screams obscenities at you. I go to the gym and lift heavy shit to do my meditation because I can’t do the Soto-style of meditation. Any action done with intention can be meditative. Find SOMETHING that works for you to help get you into the no-mind.

The more you quiet your mind, the deeper you can get into the heart of what this retrograde will be about- peeling back your thoughts and actions and examining your motivations for them. This is the core of the transit and will require a harsh, objective, and searingly honest view of who you are in your heart of hearts. This is a time of judgment, and you will need to stand up to the truth of who and what you truly are. Does this truth line up with your actions, your ambitions, and your ethics? It will all be up to you to stand in the harsh light of who you are, with all your darkness and fears exposed, and be judged by your own metrics of the soul- because that’s the judge you have to impress, your Self. There is no great god who will eat your heart if you don’t pass a test- it is all you, you are the judge and the one on trial.

Find a way to master your mind, overcome the fears of your heart, and be willing to face the truth of who you are and what you have done, Heretics- It’s the only way to overcome this hell of a transit.

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