Mars in Libra: Man in the Mirror

“Do not mix politics and diplomacy with love, nor try to test the love as an act of gambling, just feel with your purity of heart and soul that leads you towards the real beloved.”Ehsan Sehgal

Effective Dates: October 4th- November 20th, 2019

Helios’ Astrological Angle on Mars in Libra
– Oh good, this asshole. So, in a time when we need to make sweeping, drastic, and deep overhauling changes in our lives and personalities– we get Mars, God of Force, Action, and Effort in the sign of his detriment, where he can be lazy and tell us action isn’t really necessary. This is not optimal. I’m praying for a retrograde right now, but I know his isn’t till next year. Fine.

Okay, so the issue is this- as you were processing and healing from the end of last year and all its devastation and traumas, you wore your heart on your sleeve and you were open about the issues you faced. I’m sorry to say no one was supportive in the way you needed them to be, and you were punished for it in the early summer. This is past. Now we face a much harder task- facing our demons ourselves, choosing to descend rather than having it forced on us, and doing it alone… but this time you must also be outwardly fake about what you are dealing with. I KNOW, I’M SORRY. THIS IS NOT WHAT I WANT EITHER. I hate giving this advice because it’s terrible and Mars is being a dick.

Listen, here’s the thing… no one wants to hear about your issues and traumas. That’s the harsh truth, everyone is fighting their own battles. Everyone has their own shit to deal with. No one wants to shoulder your burden right now, it’s yours to carry. Your mission is to carry all this and make it look effortless. Honestly, that is the hardest part of the current Astro configuration, not being honest about what you’re going through. Save it for your therapist (or, better yet- your astrologer!). This is important because NO ONE can do this without breaking down. A lot. Find someone you can break down to or somewhere you can go to safely do it. This will cause a lot of internal strife and I’m sorry I have to tell you to do this, but you will not be able to make progress if you can’t fake that you have it all together during this transit.

Think of this as a level-up from the Warrior God. You survived the last raid (albeit with 1 HP left) and now this is the next wave incoming, but with an added challenge. The game’s no fun if you have to do the same thing a million times in a row with no real change, right? Listen I know I’m grasping at straws but its all I got here.

Also, this is not the time to seek balance. That whole idea of Libra being balance is dumb anyway, balance is a lie- balance isnt growth. Growth comes from messy, imbalanced imperfection. It comes from trying. You have to try during this transit, but you will need to try to keep it together. That will be the struggle. If you approach this transit seeking balance you will fail. You must acknowledge some things have no balance, and require either maximum effort or limited ones. Your public face will need to be on, and when you are in public you need to be able to put aside your traumas and pain simply to survive. In private you will not need to keep a facade and in fact you must rip it off daily in order to heal within.

You will have to force yourself not to run from the deeper truths and experiences that Pluto, Saturn, and Mercury are trying to instill within you. Mars will want to avoid any conflict, especially self-conflict. You will be tempted to keep everything on a surface level, and that can actually be a boon to your person to person interactions, but you will want to shout out everything that you’re going through. Conversely, you will want to avoid going too deep within yourself because, god you’re tired. So, so, tired. Do you really have to keep delving like this? Yes, you do. Keep a facade outside and keep it real within. That is how you rock this transit.

Boldly go, Heretics

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