Venus in Scorpio: The Sweetest Sin

“There is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable.” ― Mark Twain

Effective Dates: October 8th- November 2nd, 2019

Helios’ Astrological Angle on Venus in Scorpio
– That’s right edgy thots, fake witches, and spooky hoes, its time for your favorite transit- Venus in Scorpi-hoe! Last time this happened we all collectively lost our damn minds and had daily meltdowns, so im sure this time will be a walk in the park. During this transit, everyone and their sister will be presented with opportunities to act on their baser impulses and offered up the low-hanging fruit of their temptations served up on a silver platter. For some of you, this is no problem to indulge, as you have nothing else going on and therefore nothing to lose- so what’s the harm, right? …Right?

As a rule, you should be distrustful of anytime the cosmos just hands you something so obviously- looking a gift horse in the mouth is a survival strategy for some of these transits! But when you’re so blatantly given opportunities for indulgence when the whole rest of the year has drilled themes of denial and abstinence to further self-growth? Sis, this is a setup. Remember, Venus is opposite her rulership sign, meaning she’s in Detriment. This is not a comfortable place for her, no matter what she tries to tell you- and we all know how much Venus loves her comfort. This is not a good transit, I don’t care what some white girl on Tumblr with a floppy hat and a secondhand tarot deck tries to tell you.

Before you indulge, I want you to focus on the growth you have made up til now and think about all the ways giving in to your temporary pleasure could derail that. Of course, the question comes up that if you could lose all your growth in a moment, is it really truly growth, and I suppose that is me blundering into the central theme of the transit, isn’t it? This is a hell transit, one of a torment- albeit one of temptation rather than outright torture. Focus on your greater goals and desires, not ephemeral pleasures. Venus WANTS you to give in, she wants you to fuck up. Let it not be forgotten that Venus can easily be the cruelest god in the pantheon, bar none. Jupiter WISHES he could match her cold savagery.

Think im lying or off base? Try asking a Scorpio woman about what she would do if someone betrayed her trust and then come back to me. I’ll wait.

While this transit is not to be trusted, remember that it is a test- it can be passed. Passing is rejecting the temptation to pursue greater, more fulfilling growth. The reward for this is Liberation from the temptation in question. Being able to reject your Achilles heel now means its hold is lessened over you in the future, making it easier to prioritize your future growth. This is a boss blocking the way to your level up. What you have been working towards is right on the other side of what you crave. You must overcome the desire to give in to your selfish needs and find something greater buried in the mess. This is a time where you have to choose, knowing something will be lost- but now you have the awareness that what you lose doesn’t ultimately have any value more than what you personally place on it.

Listen, this is not a transit to be thought through and navigated mentally. You need to feel your way through, stumbling in the dark. With all the other potent Astro in the sky right now, everything can feel overwhelming, and outside your control. Luckily this is where Venus Scorpio actually helps, as it helps us feel more confident in our personal power by stripping away the illusions that we are lesser beings. This transit challenges us to remember that we are more powerful than we realize, having to forget our true magnificence in order to make it in this world. With Venus in Scorpio, it is temporarily easier to remember and reclaim our true power as divine beings living a human life.

Everything you want is right in front of you, Heretics- do you dare to reach out and take it?

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