Venus in Sagittarius: Audacious and Unafraid

“The very least you can do in your life is to figure out what you hope for. And the most you can do is live inside that hope. Not admire it from a distance but live right in it, under its roof.” Barbara Kingsolver

Effective Dates: November 1st-25th, 2019

Helios’ Astrological Angle on Venus in Sagittarius– These are difficult times. That is a given. It can be so, so tempting to just collapse into a little ball and collapse until the world falls around you and death finally takes you into his sweet embrace. Most days it can be all you can do not to check out entirely. Trust me, I know. It is almost impossible to see what the right path is to take or what the right moves are to make anymore. It all just seems so hopeless, like the light has gone out of life itself. Luckily, Venus, Goddess of Pleasure, Beauty, and Romance (not Love, don’t oversimplify) has left the darkness of Scorpio and is heading for the heights of Sagittarius.

These days are in the cards for everyone. You are not alone, you are not crazy, and you are not by any means defective or broken. You are honest and living the truth of your soul. Even so, we are made to feel as though somehow something is wrong with us for not being able to just smile and nod as we trudge along in a life of mediocrity. We are expected to accept life as it is and settle, and that is in direct opposition to the values of Venus in Sagittarius. During this transit, you will find yourself called to look beyond mere survival and seek a way to improve your life. I know that you feel like survival and your immediate first-order needs are all you can think about with any clarity, but that isn’t enough- its not the Cardinal Crisis anymore. You have to seek a way to change your life on top of that.

You’ve explored your pain and frustration already. Now you need to move on and find a new reason to actually live. Your motivations and values are being called into question now- it’s not enough to survive, the question becomes “Why do you want to live?”. Your mission is to solidify your higher purpose in this life and not only hold tight to it but EXPRESS it with your words and actions. You must live by your ideals right now. Your word and deed must be impeccable- and if they haven’t been lately then you must make it right. As much as you might want to punish yourself for any mistakes that you might have made, I challenge you to take the harder choice and forgive yourself. It’s easily the scarier path, and the more radical one. Punishment is easy after all, and self-torture can be so seductively indulgent when it’s what you’ve acclimated to. How about we break the cycle this time though? You can put the pain down. Let go of it. It doesn’t have to hurt anymore. There is no one who wants you to suffer. You are your jailer in your pain.

Life can be hard. It can be painful. It can even be cruel. But it doesn’t have to be suffering, I don’t care what the philosophers say. There is good in this world, and there is joy to be found- in the small moments, in what makes you happy, and what brings you peace. Nowhere in the sacred texts does it say you have to be miserable 24/7. During this transit, seek and cultivate joy. Find peace. Forgive yourself and others. Make room in your life for what is good by letting go of your pain, hurt, and rage. That is how you transform your life right now. Find that spark of hope within you that life is going to turn out okay, and cultivate it within yourself. Make it a fire that burns in you, so that you can give that hope to others who have lost it. There is so much you can do in this life, it would be a terrible shame if you spent it in self-imposed misery.

Seek joy. Cultivate hope. Find peace with yourself. Forgive. Let go. That is the challenge Venus in Sag is bringing us. Rise to meet it, I know you can, Heretics.



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