2020 Triple Conjunction: These Are The Days

Helios’ Astrological Angle on the Triple Conjunction– Heavy skies, broken lives, and broken hearts. That is where we are right now, Heretics. Worse will come. Horrors will be endured this year- And it is those who are most aware and awake who will bear the brunt of the pain. As it bears down on us, we feel crushed, yet guilty that we aren’t somehow taking on more of a burden; doing MORE to help those who cannot do for themselves somehow.

We crave peace and are given not only discord, but absurdity of the highest order. The news is not only awful but it’s ridiculous. Only the most unbelievable things, the ones that really hurt and twist the knife are given to us. Reality has become a farce. Its times like this you long for the halcyon days of the Cardinal Crisis… So what do we do with this? How do we survive? More importantly, how do we WIN?

Listen. These are Pluto times. Add Saturn, Jupiter and a square to Chiron in the mix and these times GRIND you down, straight down to the bone. These are times that reveal the truth of us- and that is their great gift. You see, for too long evil has plagued and dominated our world. It has thrived because it could fester, hidden in the shadows. It was a many-headed Hydra, stalking the night- if one head fell, infinitely more would be feasting on its corpse in the darkness. That is Pluto, both the Hydra and the darkness that hid it (along with its darkest urges)- but remember, this is Pluto in Capricorn. All of a sudden the Hydra is out in the open. It laughs, thinking that nothing can touch it so there is no longer a reason to hide. Now it can use fear and rule openly with terror- It does not realize that it is now vulnerable and can be destroyed once and for all.

Sure. You can buy into the fear of this year and its astrology if you want- I know its kept me up since 2014! It’s not worth the wailing and gnashing of teeth though, not anymore. There are a million ways that this year could end, and sure, one of those is the one where we’re all dead from nukes or coronavirus or something- but I wouldn’t count on that one winning out in the end. Or any of them where the Hydra is still standing at the end of the day. And why is that? Well, it’s because of all of you. All the Lightworkers, Darkworkers… hell, even all you insufferable Middle Wayers out there- All the gurus, bodhisattvas, prophets, martyrs… what have you. Every one of you who is sick of this world being less than it could be, you would do anything to make it better. Well, this is your moment- your LIFE is your moment, and it brought you here. You are exactly where you need to be. What you need to do is start taking action. Quit holding space, meditating and praying for things to get better while your life falls apart around you like a stack of plates falling out of a cabinet. Get up, pick up the broom and clean it up. Focus on what can be improved in your immediate control first. Then you are in a position to extend your domain and help others. This cascades into real, measurable change. Don’t allow the magnitude of the task in front of you to overwhelm you. When it does, plant your feet hard, breathe, and focus on what is under your control first and foremost. You can do this. You just can’t do it alone.

Now, I get it. When it comes down to it, you’re not sure you’re really up to the task. You’re hurt. Badly. Still carrying around that old pain. You think it makes you less than perfect. Less pure. Well, fuck that. You cannot be made less pure by your pain, your experiences, or your lessons. It only shows you who you are- in extremis we are revealed. You were not born to live a life free of pain- You are here to take that pain and learn from it. Open yourself up to the pain. Hiding from it doesn’t work. Your mission is to marry the joy of Heaven with the pain of Hell within yourself in divine ectasy. That is the true alchemy, the great work. Once you can accept both and own them within yourself, the truth of what you really are, you become the living philosophers stone that can change anything you touch.

Listen, you all love posting memes about how you are the ones who bring the light into the darkness or whatnot, but since you have been indolent, the darkness has crept in and overwhelmed you. It’s not entirely your fault that it’s here now, because its always been around, growing in strength and influence, but now it’s your turn to take up the mantle and deal with it. Put up, shut up, and show us what you can do. Take responsibility- its a form of power, of control over your own life. Your task is not to transcend the mundane in some glowy cloud of space dust and unicorns- your responsibility is to envision a greater world and then put in the work to create it.

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  • Jason says:

    This is the name tag on this year. We’re buffeted with all the right trauma to show us the gifts we have for healing the world around us. Thank you for your work at this Helios.

  • David says:

    I read and I can’t stop. He understands, I say. This isn’t how I thought it would be, this year of power and transformative medicine. This year of light exposing what is done in darkness. But it is, and I am already grieving for what we have lost and my children have lost. Democracy. A public ethic of compassion. Ideals. A vision of a better world.

    How is it that so many seem to want to be scammed. To be hypnotized. I read, and my eyes are wet, because it is true. But also, because we are seen.

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