Full Moon in Virgo: The Threshold

“Thresholds are dangerous places, neither here nor there, and walking across one is like stepping off the edge of a cliff in the naive faith that you’ll sprout wings halfway down. You can’t hesitate or doubt. You can’t fear the in-between.” ― Alix E. Harro

Helios’ Astrological Angle on the Full Moon in Virgo– Heretics, these are interesting times. Moreover, these are exhausting times that sap our very soul and threaten to leave nothing of ourselves behind as we desperately prioritize survival at the cost of everything we hold dear. You’re tired. You want nothing more than to rest and lay down your burdens. Well, there isn’t time to quit or rest right now. I’m sorry, but there is massive work to be done, and you have miles to go before you can sleep. Even so, this lunation is a gift. This is where things start to make sense for you and you realize your true mission, your path becomes clear with this Moon- and that’s what you truly need.

The Sun and Moon, Mars, Jupiter, and Neptune– Usually I do some kind of talk about purification during this lunation, but that is definitely not the mission of this moon. Wherever it falls in your chart, expect a massive revelation in that facet of your life. The truth will be revealed for you and it will shed light on your past, bringing clarity and reshaping your view of the present. For too long now, you’ve been struggling blindly towards an ephemeral goal, taken on faith that this is the right thing to do. It has been incredibly difficult for you, and it has taken its toll on your spirit. The revelations will cast your struggle and your pain over the last decade especially into a new light. All of a sudden, you will understand why all this had to happen in this way, why things fell apart for you as they did and why you suffered for it. I promise you that there was a point to it, and you will understand now.

The question will be what do you do with what you learn? Does it fundamentally change who you are? Are you still the same person? Is your goal still what it was before you learned this? Can you accept this new reality, and how do you go forward from here? This will be a turning point for you, and your choices now can significantly alter your destiny. Moreover, now you can make an informed choice about where you are going. The dust will be cleared and the veil will be lifted for you; You will be in the driver’s seat and it will be on you to take control of your destiny, for once and for all. This is what you have been waiting for.

Minor Planets used: Pallas Athene, Teharonhiawako, Mors-Somnus, Asbolus, Rhiphonos, Amycus, Circe, Pandora, Klotho, Hekate, Nemesis, Askalaphus, Arachne, Ophelia

Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto– This time will be all be difficult to accept at first. Change is like that at the outset. It will be crucial for you to move past the shock of what this all means to you and see this as a gift. You will be tasked to rapid-fire process your pain and trauma from the past decade in the new light of what you will learn. Fear will be your enemy right now, not yourself. It is easy to fear the darkness within yourself, and what is unknown, but you have been made strong. You can do this. You are not lessened by this, in fact, the opposite is true- More of you is now revealed by this process. You will also see that you are not able to move forward by cutting parts of yourself away that you do not like or struggle to accept. That sort of soul dissection will no longer work. This is time to call back those parts that you did sacrifice along the way and sew them back into yourself. You are a multifaceted masterpiece, and you no longer need to reduce yourself in a futile attempt at misguided purification. The task before you is one of acceptance and unconditional understanding and forgiveness of your Self. That is all that can be done. Restoration, not reduction. Salvage your heart from the trash pile you threw it in along the way, brush off the muck, and realize that what you thought was broken in you made you unique and is the treasure you have been looking for. Take control of the changes to come by seeing your Self clearly and with Self-

Minor Planets used: Eris, Haumea, Ceto, Borasisi, Chariklo, Cyllarus, Sisyphus, Damocles, Astraea, Eurydike, Asclepius

Venus and Uranus– The question that remains after all of this runs roughshod over you is “What now??” Where do you go from here? It’s crucial to realize that this is different from the main questions you started with: “How can I go on? Why am I even still doing this?” You need to see that you matter, your struggle matters and that continuing your journey is worth doing even if the end result is unknown right now. The universe wants you to see this, get up, and see a reason for picking yourself up and trying again. That being said, you need to take the wheel for yourself, and take accountability for your life from here on out. Your fate is not the fault of anyone but you now. Your choices are your own, and you must own them and their consequences. The stakes seem high for you right now- and they are. You will adjust to this new reality, and it will become easier. It will be worth it. Get up one more time, Heretics- Take your rightful place upon the throne of your soul and become the master of your destiny, for good this time.

Minor Planets used: Nodes of the Moon, Quaoar, Pholus, Okyrhoe, Iris, Atropos

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  • Mar says:

    This moon conjuncts my uranus/pluto and the sun/moon/neptune of my toxic mother.It opposes my saturn/chiron.It squares my Sun!

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