Eyes on the Horizon: Necessary Transition


I don’t know about you, but I for one have been wondering a lot about the future. Worrying, more like. Everything is changing. There has been So. Much. Change. And I have the feeling that many are experiencing much of what I am also experiencing. We are all connected. Our paths might not be the same, but there is a universal connectedness and we all experience this world together.

I am a Drifter. Not in the worldly sense, but in my inner world. In my Soul introspection, I follow my intuition. When I am lost, I call on it to guide me. There are many ways to do this, but a common way that many who drift as I do is to use tools of Divination. What this allows a Drifter to do is something special. It gives us Far Sight. And suddenly, things make more sense on a Grander Scale and it gives comfort. It is a blessing I have been fortunate to receive from what you all know as Jupiter, my namesake.

Today I want to share with you something important. I think it will help you, and overall help the world at large if I can help enough people understand the message. So bear with me, while I find the voice that can paint what I can see.

The Energy – Six of Swords

We are all experiencing major change and upheaval. The world is on lockdown for the threat of our health, and all of our futures as we know it are changing because of this. But don’t fret, this is a necessary transition. The way we were living before did not serve our Highest Good. It wasn’t sustainable for your Soul, nor for the World. Your Soul is connected to nature, don’t forget that. This is a call to accept your current situation. We are moving bravely in a new direction, it might be painful, but it doesn’t have to always be so. This type of transition is happening whether you want it to or not, it is a passive effect, therefore this a good time to rest and gather strength for what new opportunities arise. Reflect upon what you have gained, and where you want to go moving forward. Be realistic and grounded with what is happening.

What we can do – Six of Cups – Reversed

Another Six rises to show transition. The first pointed to a shift in thinking, this one calls on us to get our emotions in alignment with this. To do this, make peace with your past. Forgive yourself for ending up in this uncertainty, it was meant to happen. Learn from the mistakes you’ve made, cherish the opportunities you were given, and make the best of them now by letting yourself live fully in it now. This card is normally a card of reminiscence and nostalgia but reversed, it advises not to get too caught up in the past. Take stock of it, but apply it to the here and now. We’ve all been given a golden opportunity to go Within. What is it you really want to do with your life? Live in the moment and smile at all the Good you have now- because if you really look, you’ll see it’s not so bad.

What to Avoid – The Fool

This is the tough one. We are all getting stir crazy. Aries Season is here, the Fire of Spring is bursting all around us, and all the Capricorn nonsense is threatening to crush us if we don’t WORK or DO or ACT. We feel bad for not being as productive as we should. But what is hard to see is that not acting is just as important. Stopping, resting, taking stock, dreaming, introspection, planning, thinking. These are all just as conducive to productivity as actually doing the task or any far-reaching motion. Take care of yourself, your inner world, and your inner fire. Do this first. Save the rest for later. An opportunity will come but only after you’ve carefully thought everything through first. We need to be prepared and the Fool is not quite there. So get ready.

Throughout all of this, I want you to know, nothing of your current situation is something that you cannot handle. You most certainly are capable of everything you desire and capable of handling any adversity that comes your way. I believe in you. Truly. Go boldly into this, you will go far, and never forget those that are there to help you. You don’t have to go it alone, and that is your choice. Only you can choose what is best for you, those that love you will help you attain it.




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