Full Moon in Libra: Paradise Found

“The possibility of paradise hovers on the cusp of coming into being, so much so that it takes powerful forces to keep such a paradise at bay. If paradise now arises in hell, it’s because in the suspension of the usual order and the failure of most systems, we are free to live and act another way.” –Rebecca Solnit

Effective Date
: April 7th, 2020

Helios’ Astrological Angle on the Full Moon in Libra– I don’t think there has been a more important Moon to write about than this one, Heretics. With this one, the disjointed pieces of guidance that have come piecemeal are put into a larger perspective, and we can see why they matter so much and where we go from here. The ancients wrote about these times and foresaw that we would be at a crossroads. A choice must be made, and it will determine what kind of world we will create for ourselves. The openness of the Cardinal Crisis has been waning, and our futures narrow every passing moment. We are rapidly approaching our bottleneck. Now, the prevailing opinion and message of most spiritualists right now is that this is all playing out in the 5th dimension, and is all over and done with so we should all celebrate as the 3-dimensional world catches up. Okay, but that isn’t actionable, it’s premature, and it sheds any responsibility for conscious co-creation of the world as we want to see it.

So what is it that we do? What can we do if higher realms have our destiny in their hands? Plus, isn’t this all a little… anticlimactic? Wasn’t there supposed to be some grand clash signifying the last gasp of the old world? The forces of light and good doing battle one last time, and one side being victorious? You know, real, old-school Revelation shit? Well, while we may already have War, Death, and now Pestilence riding their horses of the apocalypse (with Famine casting a dark shadow on the horizon), this isn’t the end of the story. Besides, how many times have we seen the same shit rehashed like yet another terrible Hollywood reboot? Aren’t you tired of seeing this world be less than what it can be? Isn’t this old paradigm past its prime?

We are in the process of choosing the world we will live in, and the choice will be between the old world- the world of control and pain, the world of separation of head and heart, which is truly the separation of Self and God- and Paradise: A world where we return to living with head and heart as one, in true understanding and acceptance of our inner Godhood. The battle for the world will not be fought on any kind of dusty plain with soldiers and weapons- but it will be fought within the hearts and minds of all of everyone. We have reached the tipping point, and it will be up to you on which path you choose- Are you strong enough to look within yourself, scars and all, and see God in your reflection? Or will you turn away and reject yourself again, like you have so many times before? Go within and look at yourself with love. Choose paradise for yourself, with no reservations. Forgive yourself for what has gone before. You deserve this, and you don’t need to perish in an apocalypse to punish yourself for what you have done. Reject the idea that this world will end in fire and brimstone, and that chaos will reign. That is the fight we are in- the fight to end this paradigm once and for all. Embrace the oldest of truths- As above, so Below, but make it As Within, So Without. The more you expect chaos, the stronger it grows. If reality is quantum until it is observed, then don’t observe dispassionately- Make a choice and embrace the power to create your reality. Lay down your sword, let the “real world” slip away, embrace the truth of your heart, and create paradise within.

Minor Planets used: Praamzius, Asbolus, Orius, Psyche, Juno, Arachne, Hidalgo, Icarus, Hephaistos, Eris, Sedna, Ceres, Pallas Athene, Chaos, Ceto, Borasisi, Cyllarus, Toro, Magdalena, Vesta, Salacia, Makemake, Varuna, Logos, Rhadamanthus, QuaoarAphidas, Urania, Niobe, Sappho, Astarea, Circe, Ophelia, Siva, Apollo, Apophis