Mars Retrograde in Aries: The Pyre

“How can you rise, if you have not burned”Hiba Fatima Ahmad

Effective Dates: September 9th- November 13th, 2020

Helios’ Astrological Angle on Mars Retrograde in Aries
– Hate. Rage. Sorrow. Loss. Regret. Fear. These are the emotions permeating the air as we enter this transit, like so much smoke in the air from a world on fire- both within and without. Looking around, it is easy to think that this all is leading to the end of… well, everything. It’s easy to feel like there is nothing that can be done to save us. That our situation is hopeless. That it would be so, so much easier to just… step aside and let it all happen.

To give up.

It would be so easy, wouldn’t it? Just to roll over and die, so that you don’t have to deal with the harshness of this reality- how it seems hell-bent on breaking all of us in the most creative and devastating ways, tearing away every single thing that brought us the slightest bit of respite. Most astrologers would say that is the proper way to use Mars Retrograde; to stop pushing, stop striving, stop trying, and just stay still. To retreat so that you can live to fight another day. Except… deep in you, there is a quiet, tired voice. One that reads that sentence and recoils from it. The part of you that is indomitable.

Mars is a warrior. He never gives up, not truly. Whatever else he is, whatever the sign or house or aspect, he is a warrior. He is where YOU are a warrior. In transit, he is a call to arms. He is passion, he is force, he is the application of will to affect change- real, true, material change. He is the knife that slices the throat of the corrupt leaders, the guillotine coming down to end reigns. He is the radicalized farmers with nothing but pitchforks who overthrown the King who only seeks to enrich himself off their blood and sweat. He, at his truest expression, is a Hero. Mars dares. He is the enforcer of limits, who is there when there are no options left but conflict. When all else fails you, you turn to Mars.

And so you must do so again. This time, you must go within. The battlefield of the heart must be won before you can win any victories in this world. Your heart, however, is tired- tired of losing, tired of seeing those you love taken before their time, tired of seeing your friends revealed as your hidden enemies. Tired of betrayal, tired of everything you love going up in smoke. You are alone on this battlefield, and you have no backup coming- Not this time. Who is your enemy, though? Who are you facing here? For that answer, you must feel- and, more importantly, you must understand why you are feeling what you feel.

Once you explore the pain and anger you will find that the root of the feeling is Fear. This fear can wear many masks, and take many forms, but it is the same fears and pain as you have been dealing with since Chiron went into Aries. Look to whatever house Aries falls in your chart for this. Your fear tells you that you are not good enough, that you don’t deserve to achieve, overcome, succeed- reach your highest potential. Your fear hides behind a mask of sensibility, that it’s just not the right time for you- be logical, sensible, you can’t actually expect anything good for yourself. Worse still, you are selfish for even allowing these thoughts to come to you. You should be ashamed of your egoic desires and push them down, separate yourself from them. I say this is wrong.

During this Mars Retrograde, your mission will be to reawaken the part of you that has fallen victim to the fears that beset you. You must not allow it to rule you. You must identify it, and allow yourself to feel it without falling victim to its whispers. The awareness of fear allows you to overcome it. Separate yourself from your fear, not your ego. Release it. In the face of everything falling apart before your eyes, what sense does it make to allow fear to tell you how to live and what you are allowed to do? No, truly now is the time to fully deny fear any inroads into your mind and your heart. Right now, what we need are fearless warriors, with hearts indomitable, who are willing to do the work in order to bring us back from the brink of disaster.

As you see everything you love break up around you, losing all you love, you must accept it. You will not be able to hold on to what is already gone, what has turned to ash in your hands. You may mourn, but you must move on, for there is more to defend that needs you. As it burns, you will be freed from it. The burning is a gift. Let the flames wash over you and remove the impurity that holds you back. This will purify and re-energize you. Your attachments that no longer serve you will be removed so that you can focus on what remains. Stop fighting to defend what is already lost to you. Your only path forward is accepting your present, your reality for what it truly is, no illusions. That is the only way you will be able to fight for a future worth living. That is how you restore yourself.

Trial by fire- Leave it all on the pyre, and let the flames wash over you so that you can be reborn anew.

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