Jupiter Direct in Capricorn: Calling All Heroes

“The truth is that the heroism of your childhood entertainments was not true valor. It was theatre. The grand gesture, the moment of choice, the mortal danger, the external foe, the climactic battle whose outcome resolves all–all designed to appear heroic, to excite and gratify an audience. Gentlemen, welcome to the world of reality–there is no audience. No one to applaud, to admire. No one to see you. Here is the truth–actual heroism receives no ovation, entertains no one. No one queues up to see it. No one is interested.”David Foster Wallace

Effective Dates: September 12th- December 20th, 2020

Helios’ Astrological Angle on Jupiter Direct in Capricorn– These are the Demon Days, Heretics. Hell has come to Earth; the skies burn red as our cities and forests burn, our oceans die and the world cries out for someone to save it from its suffering. The people cry out for a hero. Trouble is, there are no more heroes- the world doesn’t make ’em anymore. No, when we need thousands of heroes to save us from our millions of problems, all coming to a head all at once, we have broken souls who fear to act and don’t believe in their power anymore. All we have is us.

And Jupiter. This is the moment of activation, the Catalyst. When all seems lost and the situation most dire, that is when The Lord of Olympos and the Original Hero is at his strongest. He is a foil of the darkest forces imaginable, and represents the heroic potential residing in us all. Wherever you have Jupiter, there you are your absolute strongest. It is the point where you never give in, where you stand up and say “No More!”. It is your greatest potential- But it needs a challenge.

We face incomparable and overwhelming odds, and fear to take action against those who seek our destruction. The situation is hopeless. The urge to give in and give up is strong and seductive. Your mission is to reject it. You have so much to do, and precious little time to do so before all is lost for good. There is no point in wondering whether you are ready for this moment, or if there was anything else you could have done to avoid it, because you are here now and our present is how it is. Navel-gaze when the Sword of Damocles is off your neck.

It would be so easy to write off the urge to give up in the face of this time, and hell even to self-sacrifice. Anything would be better than the true end of the world, right? Well, it’s a valid feeling. I’m right there with you in it- but what if it’s something more, the true clarion call of your soul, after struggling to be heard for so long? The urge for your death is an honest one. Lean into it and you will see its true message- That you want to stand up and grasp your future with both hands, snatching it from the grubby hands of the thieves of time. So what is stopping you from truly being in this moment?

You were once so vibrant. You could have done anything. God, those were the days! You were so full of fire and wanted to burn the world with it! But time took you down. You had so much to give, so you stopped trying so hard. You gave a bit more away than you should have. You found distractions and different ways to avoid your destiny. Then one day you woke up and just… didn’t feel like yourself anymore. You lost that spark, that soul-fire, but tried to make peace with it and keep going because… what else was there? Now, when you need it most, you couldn’t be further from who you used to be. You’re lost, tired, and have given up on the idea of your heroic moment- but it’s coming regardless of if you feel ready or not.

Over the years, you have taken on too much- the expectations of others, personality traits you found successful or admirable, their ideals and values. You have clouded your judgment, your sense of self. You have forgotten who you are and what you are meant to be. You have gotten sidetracked and forgotten your mission, why you are here now at this time. You must take these crucial days, hours, and seconds to purge yourself of these unnecessary parts of yourself. This will hurt and you will resist it, but deep down you know it must be done. You must give up who you are not to actualize who you truly are meant to be. This is where you come back, where you remember who you really are.

You must make peace with your past, end old fights with the enemies you still carry within you. Learn from your battles, remember why you fought so hard rather than giving in to them back then. It would have been easier by far to do so, so what was different? How were YOU different? What changed along the way? Identify these pain points, these crucial moments. Understand them, and regain what you lost from your losses. You need to restore your soul from its fractured state to wholeness. To do this, you must do the unthinkable- You must be willing to give up that shard of who you once were, surrendering it to your true higher self, as a magnet calling back the scattered pieces of your soul. You must be brave now, and allow the fears- of this moment, of the loss of your Self for good, and for the future- to pass over you. You are the rock in the river, the fears are momentary currents passing by.

Surrender is terrifying. The loss of control, when you have given everything to preserve and defend the last vestiges of your heroic heart, at the cost of so much? Unthinkable. Yet it is exactly what must be done. Hearts cannot survive in a vacuum, and souls cannot be hidden forever from the world. You must show that you are willing to emerge once more, that you are brave enough to face the world and take your rightful place. You must be brave, not fearless. Face your fears, name them, embrace your trauma so that it can be healed. Shutting down only blocks your progress and saps your vitality.

This is not an easy time. It will take all you have, and it will be painful- but it is why you are here. Come back to us. Stop trying to avoid your destiny and grab your future with both hands. No more hiding. You must stand and take action.

After all- If not you, then who?

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