Lilith in Taurus: The Agony of Hope

“The best way is not to fight it, just go. Don’t be trying all the time to fix things. What you run from only stays with you longer. When you fight something, you only make it stronger.”― Chuck Palahniuk

Effective Dates: October 21st, 2020- July 18th, 2021

Helios’ Astrological Angle on Lilith in Taurus– Heretics, I wish I could take these times away from you. Truly, I wish I could make this stop. Wishes aren’t actionable though, and these times can only be endured. What we can do is alleviate some of the pain, with the help of Lilith- the Black Moon Goddess and Self-emancipated Woman. I can’t promise you’re going to like what she has to say, but that is the beauty of Lilith in Taurus- uncensored, unrestrained truth without bias or spin. She is real- and you must become real too. So real that no falsehoods can touch you, especially those of your own heart and soul.

Okay, so to endure the struggles of this age, we have held our ideals, truths, and our deepest wishes close to our hearts to keep them safe. Lilith is here to take them away, or at the very least test them. You see, holding on so tightly to what we want with our whole hearts is costing us dearly. It is causing us so much pain, and putting our hopes in the future is robbing us of our present. Yet you are still holding on to so tightly that it feels like if you let go you will die. Lilith will show you that it is not in your best interest to hold on to what, in the end, are illusions.

These days are made even more difficult by the subjective nature of reality. The world is changing all around us at all times, and we are changing rapidly along with it, often in ways that we don’t fully understand until much later when we are brought face-to-face with parts of ourselves that no longer serve us. Lilith will play this role, bringing external situations that force us to examine our internal landscape, and just how we have changed. With Uranus in Taurus as well, this will feel chaotic and will not be comfortable, especially since Taurus is a sign that resists change at all costs, and isn’t prone to introspection when they have literally any other option to take.

It is important to note that this transit is not meant to destroy or overwhelm you- What Lilith wants is to free you from the mental and emotional shackles you have put on yourself. She wants you to reject the authority that you have submitted to so that you can be free to blaze your own path. Unfortunately, the price to do so now will be high. You may have to surrender more than you are comfortable with to find your freedom. After all, to blaze a trail you need something to burn- and this time, all you have left is what you have carried with you through your descent. Surrender it so that you can become truly free, once and for all.

It is crucial that you do not allow yourself to stay stuck in the idea of who you once were, and the life you once lived. to truly work with this transit, you must face the truth of who you are and what your life is NOW. Not potentials, dreams, or ideals- but only cold, pragmatic reality. All else is an illusion, and it will destroy you if you do not reject it. This will be difficult to face, but these are difficult days, and worse is ahead. Pretending that isn’t the case will not help you. Face the horror of the truth and let it liberate you from your self-imposed prison.

You must be brave. You must embrace the pain, there is no avoiding it. You will lose things you love and you will need to surrender more than you think is fair. You will feel empty. You will need to do this for yourself, as no one can do this for you. This is your path to walk, and it is high time that you owned that. The way ahead is fixed now, and the only way out is through. You must endure. You must become indomitable. You must find a way to face the truth of your existence and what it demands of you to be truly free.

You can do this because you must. The only alternative is to allow this time to destroy you by rejecting the truth of Lilith. She sees you in the darkness, begging for help and release from the pain. This is the way. Face her, and accept her gifts of undiluted truth and the pain of freedom. Choose to love yourself enough to embrace liberation.

Face the Darkness, Heretics.

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