Meet Jovian

Introducing Jovian! Jovian is our newest astrologer, having studied astrology for over a decade and a half. Additionally, he is a remarkable tarot reader and is well-versed in crystals. He is a Scorpio, with a Leo Moon and Sagittarius Rising, and this gives him the dual gifts of penetrating insight and intuition, paired with a joyful warmth and empathy that allows him to not only know what is going on, but truly feel what it is like to go through it and relate to you where you are. He has helped people of all walks of life come to a greater understanding of themselves and why they do what they do, and how to become aware of the cycles in their life so they can be broken once and for all. His specialty is helping those who think that they are so far gone that no one would ever want to put forth any effort into helping them. His greatest skill is showing others their real magnificence when they forget how powerful and worthy of the love they truly are- and he is standing by to remind you.

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