Astrology and Tarot are ancient practices, but few truly understand their secrets. Unfortunately, the internet is full of nothing but blow-hards who read a book or two, and start spewing half-truths all over anyone with a problem and a credit card. The Heretical Oracles have spent over a decade unraveling the mysteries of planetary, deep-space astrology and the vast expanse of Tarot archetypes. This allows them to do what others cannot: See the subtle nuances of your issues and bring you clarity.

The Heretical Oracles currently offers both Astrological and Tarot consultations (and a combination Astro/Tarot divination service). Simply send us an email at with the following information:

For Astrology Consultations:

  • Name we may refer to you by
  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth (the City is sufficient)
  • Time of Birth (as accurate as you have it)
  • Any specific issues in your life you would like to have addressed

For Tarot Consultations:

  • Name we may refer to you by
  • Any specific issue in your life you would like to have addressed
  • Your level of familiarity with the Tarot and it’s archetypes

For dual consultations, please email us with information from both categories.


Tarot Client Services:


Tarot services are currently unavailable

Astrology Client Services:

$125 – Natal Chart Analysis
$200 – Synastry Chart
$100 – Solar Return Analysis
$60 – Jupiter Return Analysis
$50 – Minor Planet Natal Chart Analysis
$75 – Skype Consult on any questions about your chart
$125 – in-depth analysis of your current transits

Cancellation Fee – 25% of Service Price

20% off your next consult if you recommend a friend!